Use Your Phone More Comfortably in Bed with a 10 Foot Cable

Man reading his phone in bed comfortably thanks to a long charging cable
Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock

The small 3-foot cable that comes with your phone or tablet is great if you place it on the kitchen counter to recharge it, but it's so restrictive that it's somewhere else. Improve your experience with a longer cable.

We've all been there: you charge your phone, but you still want to play it. Inevitably, you find yourself leaning on one side of the bed near your bedside table trying to use it within the pathetic reach of the short load cord.

Nowadays, a long charging cord is so cheap that it makes no sense to continue using the power cord that came with your device. You can take a 10-foot certified Apple MFi cable by a respectable company like Anker for only $ 12. Need a micro USB cable? No problem, you can get a quality grade for $ 7. USB-C? A a nice 10 feet is not expensive too.

The length of 10 feet is the ideal length to go quite comfortably from your night table setting to anywhere on your bed. You can even take it when traveling on the road to finally have a cable that easily connects the front load port to the rear seat.

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