Using the Hotel’s Iron? Test It on a Towel First

An iron on a towel on an ironing board. Jason Fitzpatrick

The last thing you need before an important meeting is a dress disaster. Here's how to check your hotel's iron before it ruins your clothes.

When something goes wrong with ironing, it usually goes dramatically, and you end up with a brand of melted, iron-shaped plastic on the back of your shirt.

However, with irons for hotels, there is an additional variable in the game: all the people who stayed before you and who used and abused iron in their own way.

To avoid any surprises, such as an iron full of moldy water, hard, thick water deposits, or something worse, iron a hotel towel first.

Start by emptying the old stagnant water into the iron, then freshen the tank with clean water. Let the iron heat up, set it to the cotton setting, and then iron the towel while you press the steam button.

If the towel is not covered with pieces of water and does not smell the bottom of a locker, it is ready for your business attire. If that does not suit you as well, you'll simply skip over funky gunk on the t-shirt you wear during this afternoon's presentation.

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