Ustwo, the Developers Behind Monument Valley, Has a New Game on Facebook

The Go Go Bots logo on a colored background.
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If you liked the first two Monument valley games, we have good news for you. No it is not Monument Valley 3, which is still in development. But Ustwo, the company behind Monument Valley, has a new game. It’s called Go Go Bots, and you can Play the game on Facebook today.

You can play Go Go Bots on the Facebook instant play platform. It means there is nothing to download either access the link or go to the games tab of the Facebook application.

The game itself is fairly intuitive and simple. You control a robot that climbs a wall by jumping from grip. Depending on the robot, there is a maximum number of grips you can jump on in one action, and you will need to watch for dangers. A timer records the speed at which you beat a level, and you can only stay in one place for so long before falling.

You can choose from five different robots, each with their own abilities, and the game offers single and multiplayer modes.

Facebook and Ustwo have collaborated on the game to add social elements, and companies hope the game will connect people. It’s hard to say no to a free game without a download. You can play Go Go Bots now.

Source: We both via The edge

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