Verizon Extends 15GB of Extra Data Deal to Customers Till May 31st

A photo of a phone with the Verizon logo.
Piotr Swat / Shutterstock

Last month, Verizon committed to providing 15 GB of additional data to customers on a wireless plan until April 30. But the COVID-19 pandemic is not going anywhere yet, so Verizon is extending its data contract by 15 GB until May 31.

The 15 GB data agreement will automatically apply to Verizon customer and small business accounts with a wireless plan. Verizon Will not do send you an email or text message to confirm the offer. Any text message or email asking you to accept an additional 15 GB is a scam and should be ignored.

It should be noted that, unlike T Mobile, Verizon does not waive wireless data caps. If you use the additional 15 GB provided by Verizon, your Internet speeds will be reduced.

via The edge

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