Verizon's New Connected Device Unlimited Plan Doubles Your Premium Data

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Verizon Wireless already offers two data plans for connected devices, like hotspots and tablets, and it has just increased it to three with a new Unlimited $ 30 Plus plan. Unlike the unlimited plan (still available), it gives you access to 5G and doubles your premium data limit to 30GB. And if you have an LTE smartwatch, Verizon has made your options simple.

To take advantage of Verizon’s 5G service, you’ll need a compatible device and coverage in your area. But unlike 4G LTE coverage, you won’t have a premium data limit. What is premium data? Good question.

While Verizon touts the locations of its connected devices as “unlimited 4G LTE,” that doesn’t mean you’ll get all the 4G LTE speeds you want. The standard $ 20 per month unlimited plan includes 15GB of “premium data” and once you get past it you’ll potentially hit a soft cap. You won’t be charged for an overrun, but Verizon may slow your speed if there is congestion.

By upgrading to Unlimited Plus, you get truly unlimited 5G and 30GB of Premium data over 4G LTE. You could avoid strangling with that higher soft cap. Current Unlimited plan subscribers can upgrade to Unlimited Plus.

If you own an LTE smartwatch, your plans are now easier. Whether you want to give the smartwatch its own phone number or share your number from your smartphone, it will now cost you $ 10 per month to operate your smartwatch. It’s a drop in price, and the plans can be used with the latest smartwatches on the market.

Verizon Wireless says you can sign up for the plans from today on his site.

Source: Verizon wireless

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