Virginia's New App Implements Apple and Google's COVID-19 Tracking System

An Android phone with the COVIDWISE app openVirginia Department of Health

Earlier this year, Apple and Google haveannounced a partnership to release an API for COVID-19 contact tracing. The idea is to allow government entities to create apps that you can download and take with you to track exposure risks. Now Virginia is the first state to publish a ios and Android application based on the work of Apple and Google.

Nicknamed COVIDWISE, the ios and Android the application works quite simply. While the app is installed and running, your phone will broadcast a Bluetooth beacon. Other users of the application log in anonymously and keep track of when and where you met people.

If your test is positive, you let the app know, and anyone who meets you will receive a notification. Likewise, you will receive a notification if someone using the app you have met marks as positive.

Apple and Google API must keep your data anonymous, your personal information is not related to the app. Instead, you’re broadcasting a random string of numbers, and those change frequently.
Virginia says she won’t be using the app for contract tracking, and does not receive any identifying information about you. Instead, he hopes the notification system will allow for faster diagnosis and treatment.

Google says twenty other states are interested in developing similar apps, so if you’re not in Virginia, you might have a suitable option soon.

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