Vizio Introduces 2020 Smart TV Collection with OLED Displays and More

Vizio 2020 TV rangeVizio

Vizio launches CES 2020 with a handful of new 4K HDR smart TVs. Instead of just updating the internal components of its most popular models, the company is releasing two new variants with OLED screens and its first-ever 85-inch TV.

Starting with the high end, the P series of Quantum X from Vizio includes the brightest and highest quality screens of the company with 792 local dimming zones and up to 3000 nits of brightness Max. The company's first 85-inch TV will be available in this series.

Then we have the Quantum P series, the M series and the V series, each decreasing in local dimming areas, peak brightness and cost. The table below presents a complete breakdown of what each series offers.

The show's star, however, is Vizio's very first OLED model. At 55 or 65 inches, these new sets use the company's new IQ Ultra processor to power its self-emitting pixels to get the best true blacks, colors, contrasts and clarity. The 4mm screen allows the TV to easily fit into almost any room.

Vizio 2020 TV Collection worksheetVizio

If you are a console player (especially Playstation 4 or Xbox One X), Vizio introduced its ProGaming engine to improve gaming performance. The engine takes advantage of varying refresh rates, AMD FreeSync and resolutions up to 4K at 120 Hz to create a gaming experience that most should enjoy. The ProGaming engine will automatically turn on on all Vizio 2020 TVs (other than the V-series) when it detects console gameplay.

Unfortunately, Vizio was unable to provide us with pricing or availability for its upcoming televisions. The company states that more information will be available closer to the product launch, whenever possible.

Vizio improves its range of sound bars

VIZIO 2020 audio familyVizio

What is the point of having a visually impressive TV if the audio quality does not match? Well, Vizio has some new additions to its M-series and V-series sound bars, as well as a brand new "high sound bar".

New 5.1 and 5.1.2 M-Series audio systems include Dolby Atmos and DTS: X cinematic experience in the mid-range market with 2.1 and 5.1 V Series soundbars added upgraded speakers for those on a budget .

The Elevate soundbar is an entirely new system. It includes bi-directional left, center and right front speakers, a separate tweeter, dual midrange speakers and passive radiators. Paired with an eight-inch wireless sub and six different surround speakers, you can get up to 107 dB of output for crystal-clear Dolby Atmos and DTS: X sound.

Most impressive is that Vizio has added a new integration that makes it easier for you to use your favorite virtual assistant such as Google Assistant or Alexa via the soundbar. Using automatic signal detection and switching via analog and Bluetooth inputs, you can use the hot phrase from the assistant to trigger the connected smart speaker, automatically lower the volume of this who plays on the soundbar, then hear the response from the virtual assistant via the audio system.

As with the company's upcoming TVs, Vizio has not announced details of when the soundbars will be available or how much they will cost.

SmartCast 4.0 Introduces Improved Voice Control and New Controller

New Vizio SmartCast controllerVizio

Finally, Vizio announced SmartCast 4.0, an update to the company's Smart TV software. In addition to providing a faster streaming experience for new and old TVs, it also includes improved content curation. Together, users will be able to turn on their TVs, switch inputs and watch their favorite shows faster than ever.

All of these changes accompany the launch of a brand new controller with improved push-to-talk functionality. Although SmartCast was already compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri, the improved voice functionality allows better integrations with virtual assistants.

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