WalkinVR Is a Free SteamVR Add-On Makes VR Games More Accessible

A player using WalkinVR and a Kinect to play Beatsaber.

Virtual reality headsets give us a glimpse into the exciting and immersive future of gaming. But VR also represents decades-long contempt for accessibility features in games, and technology can leave players on the move. scaled down. A new SteamVR add-on called WalkinVR can help Steam games be more accessible and encourage developers to create their games for all players.

WalkinVR is a free Windows application which adds accessibility controls to SteamVR games. With it, players can program shortcuts for movement controls, such as squatting or standing, or adjust the sensitivity of their controller to make the most of limited mobility. Players can also use WalkinVR to adjust the height of the controller in the game, which should help disabled players who use wheelchairs or have reduced arm mobility.

One of WalknVR’s most exciting features, Gameplay With Personal Assistant, lets you turn any single player VR game into a two player cooperative game. A friend or assistant is holding an Xbox controller and pressing buttons while you manage movement in the game. Personal Assistant gameplay seems like a fun feature for everyone, but it should be especially useful for players who have struggling to press buttons.

WalkinVR is available now and works with any headset that supports SteamVR. The add-on will eventually offer Microsoft Kinect support for movement without portable controllers. Very few VR games support manual tracking, but developers can take manual tracking more seriously once it’s available via low-cost cameras like the Kinect.

Source: WalkinVR via Engadget

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