Want 150+ Computer Games Right Now? This Bundle Is a Shocking Value

A cover illustrating the COVID-19 Humble Bundle game choices.Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is known for bringing together great games for charity, but for their Conquer COVID-19 pack, they have outdone themselves. Want to play quarantined games? For $ 30, you can get more than 150.

You read correctly. This bundle is the biggest Humble bundle we’ve ever seen, and if you’re looking to kill some time while sheltering on the spot, you can’t go wrong with buying it – but don’t hang around because all Humble bundles are a Limited Time Offer.

If you’re not familiar with Humble Bundle, here’s how it works. They assemble a collection of games and give you money to unlock the games. Typically, they have a tiered system in which a set can hold 15 games or less, and when you donate an amount, like $ 5, $ 10 or $ 15, you unlock the different levels to get some or all of the games. The proceeds from the sale are donated to charity.

the Humble Bundle Conquer COVID-19 Bundle is different. It’s $ 30 to unlock everything (although you are free to make as many donations to supported charities, Doctors Without Borders and Health Partners, as you wish). For that $ 30, you get a shocking amount of games as well as some software, eBooks and audiobooks.

Let’s start with what you get straight from the bundle. You get 45 games, including incredible titles like The Witness, Super Hot, Darksiders (I and II), and a whole host of others that cover a variety of play styles ranging from racing games to board games to stories point and click. The pack even includes the iconic cult classics Undertale and Hollow Knight as well as titles that will certainly appeal to young players in your home like Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

In addition to these 45 games, you get 23 ebooks and comics (two of the ebooks include audio book versions) and a Music Maker EDM edition (a pretty neat music creation app).

Now you might be thinking, “Wait. You said I get over 150 games! – but wait, there is more! In an unusual move, the COVID-19 pack includes not only games but a free month of Humble subscription model, Humble choice.

Humble Choice is a subscription service where you get a selection of games every month (keep forever, not just play while you subscribe). The premium level, which is what you get for one month for free, costs $ 19.99 per month, and you can choose 9 games out of the 12 on offer.

Here are the options for March. These choices will be available immediately for you when purchasing the COVID-19 pack:

Games available with the March 2020 Humble Bundle.Humble Bundle

So now, thanks to the free month of Humble Choice Premium, we have up to 54 games. But wait! We are not finished! This already stupid bargain is about to get even better.

In addition to all the games you get with the Conquer COVID-19 pack, as well as the free Humble Choice Premium month which unlocks nine other games, all Humble Choice members have access to Humble Trove.

The Humble Trove is a real collection of DRM-free games that you can download (this means that they have no digital rights management restrictions and can be downloaded and used as you want without subscription or game service required).

Examples of games from the Humble Trove library.Humble Bundle

The Trove currently contains 100 games that you can download immediately (and keep indefinitely, whether you keep the subscription or not). This increases our total games to 154 games.

Some of the games of the Humble Trove are, let’s face it, retro returns like Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance of 1999 or Wasteland of 1988. The Trove is also populated with current titles (and even those awarded). You can download and keep amazing games like A Short Hike, Trine, Dear Esther and The Flame In The Flood, among others.

Helpfully, readers with sharp eyes may have noticed in the screenshots above that the Etherborn puzzle game appears in the March 2020 Humble Bundle and as a new addition to Humble Trove. It’s unusual and it’s not something we’ve seen happen before, so here’s a tip for your Humble purchase: ignore the Etherborn selection as one of your Humble Choice options this month and grab – instead in Humble Trove.

Now, if you’ve read this far and still considering if it’s worth something, think about it. We would happily recommend the excellent puzzle game The Witness to spend hours in quarantine. The game is generally $ 40 and is not currently on sale. So look at it like this: for a $ 30 donation, you get The Witness for $ 10 off, and you also get 153 other games.

When it comes to the dollar value per hour of entertainment, you probably won’t see a package this good again. And, if you need a final boost, offers like this don’t last. Like all Humble Bundles, there is a time limit which expires on April 7 at 2 p.m. EDT.

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