Want a Quick Summary of a Complex Topic? Use Simple English Wikipedia

There is a time and a place for a thorough and sustained reading. But sometimes you just want to know what a term means in the news. And you want to know now. If you are curious but want time, the solution is simply English Wikipedia.

The principle behind Simple Wikipedia is, well, simple! Suppose you want to know more about "blockchains" because you always hear about them in the news. If you take a look at Wikipedia entry for "blockchain", it's quite technical and quite long, about 3,800 words. And maybe it's worth reading if you're really curious about blockchain technology. However, if you're just trying to get a quick summary of a term read in the newspaper, it's Wikipedia in English enter.

This is a version of Wikipedia that offers formatted articles in two useful ways. First, it uses a more simplified language (the writers do their best to avoid an excessively technical or complex vocabulary). Second, the entries are almost always shorter. the simplified version of the entry for "blockchain" is only around 400 words and offers a very concise (although not in-depth) summary of the subject. All the articles on Wikipedia's main site do not have a single English equivalent, but more than 100,000 have one.

To access single articles from English Wikipedia, you can start to Home Page and use the search box, as you would on the main Wikipedia site. If you followed a link leading to the main Wikipedia site and prefer a summary, you can edit the URL. Just change the subdomain in the URL of "en.wikipedia" to "simple.wikipedia" to redirect you like this:

https: //in.wikipedia.org / wiki / Blockchain > https: //simple.wikipedia.org / wiki / Blockchain

This simple change puts at your fingertips a world of simple summaries!

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