Want to Increase the Odds Your Lost Wallet Is Returned? Carry Cash

Woman walking away after dropping her wallet in the street without knowing itAndrey_Popov / Shutterstock

If you lose your wallet, you naturally want it to be devoid of money, so you do not have the missing money, right? Not so fast. Large portfolios are returned more frequently.

Do not take our word for it, though. A study published in the journal Science entitled Civic Honesty Worldwide brush a pretty compelling picture of how people interact with wallets found based on content.

The study, which lasted three years, involved 17,303 portfolios of researchers in 355 cities worldwide (including 25 in the United States). The delivery?

Money – holding portfolios are returned more often than money – less portfolios – and portfolios containing more money are returned with the highest frequency.

Although rates vary around the world (the best place to lose one's wallet is Switzerland and the worst is China), one thing was consistent: the money-bearing portfolios were returned more frequently. In part of the study, conducted in the United States, the United Kingdom and Poland, they tested not only an empty wallet, but also some money / a little money / "Big Money". 46% of the time. Portfolios containing approximately US $ 14 were recovered in 61% of cases. In the "Big Money" test, they increased the currency seven times in the "a little money" test. Portfolios with ~ $ 95 returned 72% of the time.

When the The New York Times has spoken with co-author Christian Zünd She had this to say about the results: "Without money, not reporting a wallet does not make you want to steal. With money, however, one suddenly has the impression of stealing, and even more stealing when the money in the wallet increases. "

So, if you needed an excuse to keep a little extra money in case of an emergency or shopping in Craigslist, you can let it be known that you almost double the risk of your lost wallet being returned.

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