Wemo Moves Its Smart Home Device Management to the Cloud

A man walking near four Wemo smart switches.Wemo

Wemo, the maker of smart plugs, switches and more, has a device management issue. Often, setting up multiple Wemo devices and running them together is a difficult and daunting task. This was due to the local control method used by the company. But now it’s fixing that go cloud.

In the future, if you are a new Wemo customer, you will need to create a Wemo account to configure your devices. Like smart home devices from other companies, such as Nest, Wyze, or Signify, this account will connect and control your devices. Wemo previously relied on local connections to get there.

In theory, this could be a good thing because this connection was still possible even if the cloud went down. But in practice, the implementation of Wemo was awkward and often did not connect at all. This led to comments on the Cabling site about smart plugs and low ratings Google Play Store.

For some people, however, the old method worked well (and that means nothing about implementing Homekit). The good news is that if you prefer the old connection method, you can continue to use it for now. Wemo currently only requires new online accounts for new users. But the company mentioned that ultimately, everyone will have to convert, although he did not provide a timeline. And if you want to make the change now, you can.

Initially, as reported by Android Police, some users had trouble switching to the new accounts.

Thanks for the advice! Restarting one of the switches brought the rest up. 🙂

– Jason Lee (ジ ェ イ ソ ン • リ) (@jasonandrewlee) May 26, 2020

But restarting connected devices seems to help. With any luck, Wemo will soon fix everything.

Source: Wemo via Android Police


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