What Are Critical Alerts on iPhone and iPad, and How Do I Enable Them?

How to enable critical alerts in iOS 12

Critical alerts are notifications that appear even when your iPhone or iPad is in Do Not Disturb or Silent mode. These include notifications containing crucial information about weather emergencies or important health alerts from connected devices.

How do critical alerts work?

Apple iOS 12 has introduced critical alerts as well as several other notification enhancements. They can not be silenced because they contain essential information that you must be aware of. Weather, health and safety applications can generate a critical alert notification, for example. Like standard notifications, you must choose to receive them.

Not all apps are allowed to send critical alerts. Before an application can send critical alerts, the developer must apply for Apple right. Apple manually checks applications to make sure the information is critical.

Critical alerts are different from standard notifications. They will work even if you do not allow other notifications from the app. You may not have any application that can send critical alerts, but if you do, there are two ways to enable these notifications.

How to enable critical alerts of an application

Many applications with critical alerts will prompt you to activate them when you open the application for the first time. You will see a message saying that the application "would like to send you critical alerts". Tap "Allow" to enable critical alerts from this application. You may be able to customize the app's alerts from within the application itself.

If you do not enable critical alerts when you first launch the application (or you just need to change the setting), you can edit it in Settings> Notifications.

Open the Settings app Tap Notifications

Tap the application for which you want to adjust critical alert settings, and then enable the "Allow Critical Alerts" switch.

select the application to enable critical notifications toggle the critical alert

That's all! If you have enabled this feature, critical alerts will sound on your iPhone or iPad, even if the Do not disturb option is enabled.

Why enable critical alerts

Not all apps include critical alerts. You'll find this feature in apps designed for your safety, including health, weather, and security apps.

There are times when you want to disconnect or minimize your interruptions. But when there is a tornado in your area, you can not afford to disconnect. That's what critical alerts are for: the alert that breaks you off could save your life.

Apple does not want applications to abuse this powerful feature. This is why application developers must present their case to Apple before including this feature. Apple knows that it is sometimes essential to disconnect, but you may still want to receive notifications that protect you from danger. That said, critical alerts are an opt-in service. You do not have to buy them, but if an app you use them offers, it's probably a good idea to accept.

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