What Can I Do with My Old iPhone?

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Your old iPhone will not become useless as soon as you have a new one. Do not throw it in a drawer, you can sell it, recycle it or turn it into something cool!

Sell ​​it, give it or recycle it

Even if you do not usually sell your old electronics, you should consider sell your old iPhone. They retain considerably more value than their Android counterparts. Thanks to the appeal of the Apple ecosystem, the strength of its build, and Apple's ongoing commitment to older devices via iOS updates, an old iPhone is an excellent choice for many consumers.

You can also give your iPhone to a friend or family member who you think would like it. You could do their whole week! Just be sure of back up your data, then delete everything under Settings> General> Reset.

An old iPhone is also an excellent first or second smartphone for kids and teens. Do not forget to set up the Screen Time parental control app if you go in this way.

If your old iPhone does not work well, consider recycling it. You can also try to sell it on eBay. Someone who would like to scrap it for spare parts will buy it maybe, but if it does not work, you may not get a lot of money.

Apple takes away the old iPhones and you could even get a credit from the Apple Store for that thanks to Apple Trade In program. You can either drop it in your local Apple store or post it.

If none of these ideas interest you, there are many other ways to recycle your old iPhone.

Jailbreak It

Damn, 2 seconds to jailbreak my iphone x 12.4 using unCover. pic.twitter.com/EbwNzk83hu

– phTechGuy (@ phTechGuy0320) August 23, 2019

You "jailbreakez" a device when you install unauthorized third-party software. When you do this on an iOS device, there are many restrictions imposed by Apple. This means that you can install applications from other locations (not just the App Store), which fundamentally changes the way iOS works.

Hackers have released a complete jailbreak for iOS 12.4 (and a partial for 12.4.1) in August 2019. You can head to never or TAIG9 to install it directly on your device via Safari or download the firmware to install it via iTunes.

"But why not just jailbreak your everyday device instead?" I hear you cry. The truth is the jailbreak has big drawbacks. You must keep the same version of iOS to keep your jailbreak, which is not great from a security point of view. In addition, when you jailbreakez, you remove all warranties from Apple.

In addition, some applications (including security-focused applications such as bank processors or mobile payment processors) do not work on a jailbroken device. You will be at the mercy of the jailbreaking community, who strives to decipher each new version of iOS, but their success rate varies tremendously. Before iOS 12.4, iOS 9 was the last major release of public jailbreak.

You can mitigate the risks if you do not use your jailbroken iPhone for important tasks. You do not have to use your main Apple ID or take it outside the house. If you use an iPhone for years, it can be fun to install changes and change everything from loading animation to the way it handles notifications.

Turn it into a portable game console

Gamevice makes for the iPhone Gamepad controller.apple.com

Even old iPhones can handle some games. If you are worried about running out of battery on your main device, a spare battery dedicated to games is not a bad idea. If you are a parent, you may also want to have an iPhone loaded with distractions to take away whenever you need it.

Even if these last years are obsolete, it is a good idea to have a dedicated device to play games. Apple Arcade is a future premium subscription that offers more than 100 new exclusive games. It will come out sometime after iOS 13, which also adds native support for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers.

You can also buy existing iOS compatible controllers. the Gamevice ($ 79.95) turns your iPhone into something that vaguely resembles the Nintendo switch. the Steelseries Nimbus ($ 59.99) takes the form of a regular wireless controller (and also works with the Apple TV). You can add the Steelseries SmartGrip ($ 9.99) for an all-in-one gaming experience that is no different from Nvidia Shield.

The number of games with controller support is already impressive, but expect that number to grow after the release of iOS 13 and Apple Arcade. Here are some games you can play now with a controller:

You can also download the Steam link iOS app and play your Steam library on your iPhone, with full controller support. Check out more iOS games with controller support at Controller.wtf.

Use it as a driving or hiking GPS

Google Maps for iPhone Offline Maps.

The worst thing about using your iPhone as a GPS is the fact that it is also a smartphone. Not only does the battery run out twice as fast, but if you receive a call while navigating to an unknown position, your iPhone pauses its GPS functions.

So, why not use your spare iPhone as a dedicated GPS? You can navigate offline with many applications, including Apple Maps, Google Maps, and MAPS.me. You can download route information from Apple Maps for offline use. To do this, connect to the Internet, search for the route you want to borrow, and then tap or click "Go."

Now, even without Wi-Fi, your device should remember your route (even if you delete the app). To plan a new route, you must reconnect to the Internet. To do this, you can connect your old iPhone to your new iPhone. Go to Settings> Personal Access Point to share your cellular connection.

You can download entire areas of Google Maps and use them offline, which is more useful than Apple Maps. To do this, launch the Google Maps app, and then choose Offline Maps from the main menu. After downloading a map of the area, you can search for amenities or plan offline routes.

Finally, there is MAPS.me which uses open-source data provided by OpenStreetMaps. You can download large areas from this app for offline use, with full support to navigate or search for points of interest. If you go hiking, this is the only application that may be sufficient, depending on the level of detail available from OSM for your region. However, MAPS.me does not completely replace a dedicated hiking GPS.

Turn it into a Smarthome or Apple TV remote

Use the iPhone as Apple TV remote

With Apple's Home app, you can control your various HomeKit-compatible smarthome compatible devices. If you want to use a single "terminal" usable by the whole family, why not use your old iPhone? You can let the device charge in a docking station or on a wireless charging mat and use it to dim the lights or to adjust the temperature.

You can also use your old iPhone as a fully functional Apple TV remote control. Go to Settings> Remote on your Apple TV to pair the remote. In many ways, an iPhone works better than the standard remote, because you can type text through a soft keyboard. If you lost your Siri Remote, it's certainly better to pay $ 59 to replace Apple.

Make music with her

When you recycle your old iPhone into a touch screen DAW controller, navigating a fader has never been easier. custom arrangements? #touchosc @touchosc#controller #faderport pic.twitter.com/7q6LptgChK

– The karate costume (@deanglover) August 28, 2019

The iPhone has an impressive library of music creation apps. These are dedicated audio workstations, such as GarageBand, easy-to-use tools like Auxy, and dedicated software instruments and guitar processors, such as Animoog or RIGID. You can also create a custom touch screen MIDI controller with TouchOSC.

A replacement iPhone could integrate seamlessly into your music workflow as a dedicated amplifier simulator or synthesizer connected to a MIDI keyboard. And you do not have to worry about receiving calls or filling the internal memory with anything other than your favorite creative applications.

You will be surprised how easy and fun it is to create music on iOS with the right equipment and software.

Use it as an iPod

VLC for mobile on iPhone.

You can also use your old iPhone as an iPod or streaming music player. Even a 16GB iPhone can hold much of your music library. You can transfer your music files through iTunes or synchronize music through streaming services, such as Apple Music and Spotify. In this way, you can fill your entire device with music that you can listen to offline without affecting your main mobile device.

If the small screen does not bother you, use VLC for mobile to load movies or TV shows on your device while you're on the road or on a flight. VLC allows you to drag and drop files to your device via a browser. Download the application, enable the Web interface in the main menu, and then visit the specified address to download files.

Turn it into a security camera

You can also use an old iPhone as a security camera. There are several applications that you can use to stream your camera live or record footage in the cloud for later playback. For this to work, you need to install your iPhone in a suitable place and keep it powered with a Lightning cable.

The applications that you can use to do this are At home, Presence, and Many things. These are high-end products. You may need to subscribe to get the most out of it. But they offer features such as automatic motion detection (with artificial intelligence that differentiates people from shadows), bidirectional conversation with a connected camera, and the ability to view multiple cameras simultaneously.

You can turn old Android phones into security cameras, as well.

Turn it into a webcam

The iPhone is an ideal webcam thanks to free applications such as EpocCam. First, download the application on your iPhone, and then install the associated application for Windows or Mac from Kinoni. Then, connect wirelessly to a local network or via a Lightning cable.

Since most cameras have built-in cameras, the webcams are a little outdated. However, with EpocCam, you can stream through your computer from anywhere in the range of your Wi-Fi network. You'll never buy a webcam again.

Make it your new kitchen assistant

An iPhone on the Skiva Long and Flexible Arm Phone Clamp Holder Attached to a countertop.

While an iPad makes more sense as a kitchen assistant, an iPhone can also do wonders on the counter. You can put it on a flexible mounting and keep it loaded so you can watch cooking videos and easily follow the recipes you find on the web.

You can even ask Siri to convert the measurements or check the ingredient substitutions when your hands are full or messy.

Keep it as a spare part

You never know when you might need a spare phone. If a member of your household loses or breaks their primary device, it is convenient to have a backup copy. If you sometimes have visitors from overseas, you can use a cheap prepaid SIM card in your old iPhone and use it during their stay.

If you decide to store your iPhone in the long run, it's a good idea to follow Apple's instructions on Maximize battery life and service life. Charge the iPhone at around 50%, turn it off, and then stash it.


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