What Is Discord, and Is It Only for Gamers?

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Discord offers free VoIP, text and video chat servers, as well as unique player features like Twitch integration. It is also a must for doing business in the gaming industry, and it could give other companies a unique advantage in customer communications.

Discord offers community-oriented communications

Discord is a free communication app, more similar to popular apps like Skype, Microsoft Teams, Slack and TeamSpeak. It offers user-friendly text, voice and video chat on public or private servers that everyone can quickly set up for free.

Discord user interface

Discord has a user interface similar to Soft and Microsoft Teams, and its servers operate similarly to Slack and Teams servers. However, Discord’s servers have developed further thanks to user-driven activity like Reddit subreddits. There is a Discord server for just about everything.

Like Reddit, Discord is an online community platform. It is used for everything from large corporate platforms and specialized learning centers to extremist recruiting and adult content. The official Parents’ Guide to Discord provides useful resources for understanding how these communities work and how you can control the content that enters and leaves your Discord.

the Discord Community Guidelines convey the developer’s intentions to bring together groups of players and explicitly prohibit harassment, predatory behavior and harmful content. It also provides you with ways to get more help on issues such as bullying, suicide and other issues relevant to today’s digital communities. But like any online tool, that doesn’t necessarily prevent savvy teens from undoing settings or preventing criminals from using social media to spread hatred and abuse.

Discord is for everyone, not just for players

Discord is listed in most applications as “Chat for gamers” and its integration with gaming platforms like Steam and Tic makes it extremely popular with 56 million players each month. The ubiquitous nature of Microsoft Skype (and Skype for Business) has made it a popular choice for voice, video, and text among average Windows users.

Microsoft Teams, which will end up replace Skype for Business, has a high level of integration with other Microsoft applications, especially SharePoint, making it a leader in the business environment. Soft is the most common alternative because it has consumed other popular communicators like Hipchat.

TeamSpeak has always been a major competitor due to its obsessive focus on sound quality, customer safety and server reliability. Discord has surpassed most of the currently dominant tools used for gaming, including a good market share of TeamSpeak.

TeamSpeak BetaTeamSpeak

Discord offers more diverse integrations and services, a more user-friendly user interface, and free servers, though the new TeamSpeak (currently in closed beta, shown above) could bridge this gap by adopting and improving many of the same features that have allowed Discord to dominate. Other tools like Mumble and Ventrilo are still there, but only in small niches.

Discord against Slack

In reality, Discord shares most of the features and integrations of its competitors. Discord and Slack, shown above left and right, share almost identical interfaces respectively. This means that the choice of application to use is mainly determined by the personal preferences of you and your group.

Discord is free for users, always inexpensive for pros

A large enterprise could use Discord as its primary communication platform, assuming that the enterprise does a good job of configuring permissions, improving security, and increasing the limits imposed by the free version by not paying than $ 99.99 for 12 months of Discord Nitro.

You can cut the price in half by choosing Discord Nitro Classic ($ 49.99 / year). Classic does not include the server hardening feature, which allows you to grant special benefits to a server; this is useful if you are a streamer, developer or community leader who organizes a space to interact with followers.

Discord Nitro

The two premium paid services (Nitro and Nitro Classic) are mainly aimed at players with features such as better quality streaming, personalized tagging, etc. Free or paid, the wide range of Discord Documentation walk you through everything you can do with Discord. Create robots that help make your server unique, develop applications or take advantage of its open-source tools to create a Rich presence for a game or an application that you can sell directly to consumers via your own Discord server. By reducing only 10%, Discord offers developers an even better offer than the 12% of Epic or the 30% of Steam.

Given the integration of Discord with countless gaming and multimedia applications, combined with a customizable overlay, it’s no surprise that most Discord users run it in the background on their computers. In fact, Spotify’s desktop music player represents more than twice the next highest activity for people on Discord, which clearly indicates that most people have Discord running when they navigate, create, play or work. The tenth most popular application for Discord users is Visual Studio Code, showing how useful the application can be for professional collaboration.

Discord activity

Discord is primarily aimed at people who play, broadcast, chat, develop or sell games, but it is starting to evolve beyond that into a community-based platform for savvy business operators. Whether you want to coordinate with colleagues, friends or subscribers, it is becoming a popular solution for everyone thanks to its simple interface with powerful features.

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