What Is Patch Tuesday for Windows, and When Is It?

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Microsoft's "Tuesday hotfix" is on the second Tuesday of each month. This is the day when, as if on wheels, Microsoft releases important update packages for Windows 10, Windows 7, Microsoft Office and its other software.

What is the Microsoft patch on Tuesday?

Sometimes called "Update Tuesday," Patch Tuesday is an unofficial term that refers to the day Microsoft releases update packages for the Windows operating system and other Microsoft software applications, including Microsoft Office. .

Microsoft fixes security vulnerabilities and does not publish them immediately. Instead, the company is consolidating these patches into a larger update, released on Tuesday from patches.

Microsoft does this to make the update process as predictable as possible for administrators. Computer scientists know that the patches will arrive on the second Tuesday of each month and can plan to test or install them. It should be easier than continually applying smaller and more predictable patches than huge patches arriving a random day of the month.

When is the Patch Tuesday?

The Tuesday patch is on the second Tuesday of each month. Specifically, it occurs on the second Tuesday of each month in North America.

Microsoft does not have a guaranteed time for the release of these patches and newsletters. These updates usually come around 10 am Pacific Standard Timebut they can be released later in the day.

Windows 10 checks for updates about once a day. An average Windows PC should automatically download these updates via Windows Update no later than Wednesday afternoon when it is turned on and connected to the Internet. Of course, administrators can choose to delay and test these updates before deploying them to PCs in their organizations.

Updates are not published on Tuesdays

As you may have noticed, Patch Tuesday is not the only date at which updates arrive. In some cases, Microsoft will release "out-of-band" updates for particularly critical security vulnerabilities, including those that are exploited in the wild.

However, if a security vulnerability is not exploited in the wild and it is acceptable to wait a few weeks, Microsoft will wait for Patch Tuesday to release this update.

Even if you get one or more smaller patches in a month, an ever-increasing update will be released on Tuesday of the fix. It contains all the updates that should not be hastily extracted.

Patch Tuesday is for "B" updates

Windows Update showing an optional update.

In Microsoft language, Patch Tuesday updates are called "B" updates because they are released the second week of each month.

Microsoft also releases optional update packages in the third or fourth week of the month. They are known as the Updates "C" and "D". These include bug fixes and improvements for issues that are not security vulnerabilities. Once these updates are tested, their patches are included in next month's Patch B Update Tuesday.

These C and D updates now appear as "optional updates" in Windows Update on Windows 10.

The Tuesday patch is not fair to Microsoft

Other companies have chosen to join Patch Tuesday so that system administrators can more easily update their systems with security patches.

For example, Adobe also publishes security updates for its software, such as Adobe Flash Player browser plug-in and the Acrobat Reader PDF reader on Tuesday's Microsoft patch.

Patch Tuesday is not for the big Windows 10 updates

Microsoft now publishes major Windows 10 updates every six months. For example, the last big update of Windows 10 was the Updated May, 2019, and he was preceded by the Updated October 2018.

These updates are not published on Patch Tuesday. They are released no matter which day Microsoft decides to publish them.

Even after the official release of each major update, the deployment process is slow. Large updates like these may not be automatically installed on your PC for months, as Microsoft now uses AI to determine when it is certain that the update is safe for a combination of hardware and software. You can always choose to spend waiting and install immediately, but Microsoft says you have a better chance of living a good experience if you decide to wait.

This is very different from Patch Tuesday updates, which do not contain new features. They contain important security updates and bug fixes already tested. By default, they are automatically installed for all Windows users as soon as possible.

You can view information about Windows 10 updates on Microsoft. Windows 10 update history.

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