What We're Watching: Miss Getting Together to Play 'DnD'? Check Out 'Critical Role'

Broadcast of the Critical Role Dungeons & Dragons web seriescritical role

Let’s be honest, this pandemic has made it difficult to do a lot of things, like getting together with friends for a Dungeons and Dragons session. If you are looking for a way to get your D&D solution, look no further than the weekly web series critical role.

The series consists of eight professional voice actors playing D&D 5th, with Matthew mercer write and lead campaigns as Dungeon Master of the group. The main players include Ashley johnson, Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham, Taliesin Jaffe, Sam riegel, Marisha Ray, and Liam O’Brien, although they also have occasional guests. The group is currently on their second campaign, titled “Mighty Nein”, and they have recorded over 200 episodes in total.

Critical Role is an in-game D&D campaign featuring weekly unedited episodes lasting three to five hours. What really makes this series special compared to other podcasts and role-playing series is the cast. Each individual is a master of their art, and the stories and stories are so good that sometimes you forget that it is all improvisation. The fun, quirky personalities of the players – and their adorably authentic reactions to Mercer’s relentless twists and turns – are just as fun to be a part of as the story itself.

Official illustration of the critical role characterAriana Orner / Characters Critical Role official artwork

The group halted live production in March due to COVID-19, but recently found a way to return to the studio and safely film new episodes, with players being socially at least seven feet apart. from others and production managed by a skeleton. crew. Their comeback debuted to an enthusiastic audience of more than 110,000 concurrent viewers.

During their hiatus this year, CR launched another fun web series, Narrative Telephone, to stay connected and have fun while they were apart. Narrative Telephone is their take on the game of Telephone, with a different person telling a short story as the Crit Role character each week. They film themselves telling the story and send the recording to the next person. That person, in turn, can only watch the recording once, then they have to film themselves telling the story and send that recording to the next person, and so on. Then they all watch the entire progression together, laughing at the mistakes (and curious additions) to the story along the way.

Whether you’ve played D&D earlier today and are looking to reconnect with it, or only recently learned about it from shows like Strange things, gaming is a fun way to enjoy creative stories and fun experiences with friends. The Critical Role community is extremely passionate, caring, and welcoming, and the series itself is the pinnacle of world building and role-playing. We hope you are considering checking it out!

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