What Wi-Fi Security Cameras Let You Record Locally?

Wi-Fi cameras are easier to install and set up compared to wired cameras. But they often need subscriptions to get the most out of it, which can include cloud storage. If you do not want to pay for a subscription, you will need to choose a camera that supports local storage.

Not all Wi-Fi cameras support local storage. Most would prefer that you subscribe to their service and to seduce you, they could offer a free tier that provides a small amount of cloud storage. But if you do not need facial recognition and movements, it can be very difficult to simply ask to store more videos. Also note that if you give up cloud storage, you run the risk that the camera and all of its videos will be stolen.

That said, keep reading for a list of Wi-Fi cameras that can store videos on microSD cards.

Yi 1080p Home Camera

the Yi 1080p Home Camera makes our list of good budget cameras. Do not let its low prices fool you. This Xiaomi-makes the camera respectable features in a low price.

You'll find 1080p resolution (as the name suggests), two-way sound, night vision, and some intelligence (such as detecting the sound of a crying baby and motion detection). You need to install a dedicated app to view your feeds on your phone or tablet, but you can watch up to four feeds on your desktop. There is no integration of Google Home and Alexa support is limited to the on / off feature. More importantly, it lacks two-factor authentication. As we have already said, cheap Wi-Fi cameras have some disadvantages. This camera does not offer any cloud storage, but you can use a microSD card to keep your recordings in-house.

Sense8 Home Security Camera

If you simply want to buy a Wi-Fi camera without worrying about subscriptions, add-ons or the need to buy additional items, the Sense8 Home Security camera is a solid argument. As long as you are willing to pay a little more in front.

These Sense8 Camera starts strong by giving up all the subscription options. Once you've paid the camera for $ 140, you've bought everything you need to use all of its features. Instead of a cloud subscription, this camera is linked to the Dropbox and Google Drive APIs, allowing you to load and access clips. It also has 8GB of built-in storage, you will not even need to buy a microSD card.

In addition, the camera has Alexa features via IFTTT, motion detection, night vision, bidirectional sound and battery backup for up to 2 hours of recording even when powered off. However, the camera is not perfect because there is still no two-factor authentication, it does not offer a streaming option, and the Google Home integration is listed as coming soon. .

HomeHawk of Panasonic

the AccueilHawk is another camera option that tries to give you almost everything you need for a single price.

Panasonic's input meets the usual criteria for 1080p recording, night vision, two-way audio and motion detection. To differentiate it, the HomeHawk incorporates a temperature sensor, continuous recording options and an integrated shutter for optimal privacy. Plus, it offers plenty of editing options, which not all Wi-Fi cameras have.

It does not have any subscription or cloud options, relying only on a microSD card slot for local memory. However, it does not contain everything because once again, it lacks a two-factor authentication, as well as any Alexa or Google Home integration.


We thought that the WyzeCam was a pretty Budget Wi-Fi camera. It's hard to beat it on the price, and WyzeCam is now offering a camera a little more expensive than the pans.

You also get a lot for the low prices. WyzeCams come with free cloud storage, 1080p recording, two-way audio, night vision and Alexa integration. You can even enable streaming recording (and ignore the cloud) by adding a microSD card.

But the low price poses some security problems. Use WyzeCams ThroughTek provide live video feeds. This may be a concern for some, but Wyzecam explains that they use it to initiate P2P connections and that all data passes through AWS. However, WyzeCams also lack two-factor authentication and do not have an integrated privacy layer. So it's a case of getting the price you pay (and in this case, the feeling of getting more than what you paid for).

Ezviz Mini

the Ezviz Mini is an intermediate Wi-Fi camera with intermediate features. It's more expensive than the budget cameras listed here, but cheaper than the Sense8 or the Homehawk.

With this camera, you get 1080p recording, night vision, two-way audio and motion detection required. This camera has HDR video, a magnetic base and many storage options. Although it has two different cloud options that require a subscription, you can add a microSD card with a capacity of up to 128GB, which is much larger than the other cameras listed.

The Alexa integration is also available (including the Echo Show video), and the IFTTT integration is also included. Once again, there is no two-factor authentication or built-in privacy shutter, and the Ezviz Mini does not have some of the extra sensors and capabilities that more expensive devices have.

A package of choice

No Wi-Fi camera is perfect or offers all the features. Even when you spend more, you may miss something. The best thing to do is determine what features you need to have. Fortunately, some features are quite common, so be on the lookout for 1080p recordings, night vision and bi-directional audio at a minimum.

Then decide if you want additional sensors, a Google or Alexa integration, or sirens. Find the camera that fits your budget and ticks the most boxes. Sometimes a subscription is worth paying, but if you prefer not to trust your videos on the cloud (or if you do not want to pay the current price), choose a support that supports local recording and disable the download on the cloud. Do not forget that with some cameras you may lose some features if you delete the download in the cloud.


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