What’s the Deal with All These Teal Pumpkins?

boy holding a teal painted pumpkinEvgeniiAnd / Shutterstock

In recent years, you may have noticed that more and more houses have teal pumpkins on their porches on Halloween. It's more than a trend in decoration: it's a movement to help allergic children spend a safe Halloween.

In 2012, a woman named Becky Basalone wondered how to make Halloween less stressful for allergic children. When exposure to nuts and other common ingredients Halloween treats can send you to the hospital in the blink of an eye, deceive or treat without apprehension can be difficult. His idea? People could stock non-food items to distribute and place a pumpkin-painted teal – the color used by food allergy awareness groups – on their front steps.

His idea took off. In 2014, FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education), a non-profit association dedicated to raising awareness of food allergies, has partnered with it to promote this idea.

So, how can you participate? While you can read on the Teal Pumpkin Project on the official website (and even print cool signs to put in your window), participating is as simple as preparing a teal pumpkin – by painting your own or picking up a pumpkin at one of the many superstores who sell them now as Target- and store non-food treats to distribute.

Although you can distribute anything from phantasmagorical trinkets to stickers to erasers, we think that a great option is: glow sticks. It's not only cheap to buy hundreds of bright bracelets, but kids love them too and anything that increases visibility on Halloween night contributes to the safety of all.

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