What’s the Difference Between the Google Home, Mini, and Max?

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What is Google Home Mini?

Google Home Mini is barely a Google Home smaller, and aims to take over Echo Dot from Amazon. It comes in a smaller format but still offers a 360 degree sound and full experience of the Google Wizard that you can get with the original Home of Google.

It also comes with a touch pad on top, allowing you to perform a handful of gestures to control music, volume and other settings. However, instead of a flat, hard top, the Google Home Mini is covered with fabric, which makes it a little more welcoming.

There does not seem to be an audio output port like on Echo devices, but Google says you can transmit audio functions to a Chromecast Audio speaker if you want a better sound than the one provided by the Mini

The Google Home Mini is available for $ 49 (at the same price as the Echo Dot) and is available for pre-order now with an official release on October 19th.

What is Google's Home Max?

In order to complete the range "good, better, better", Google also announced the Google Home Max. However, this one seems to be more of a competitor of Apple HomePod, since it will focus largely on music and providing the best possible audio quality. In fact, Google says that the Max is 20 times more powerful than Google's original Home (whatever that means).

In addition, the Max can also detect the location of walls and other objects in your home and automatically adjust the speaker to suit the specific space, as in the HomePod d & # 39; Apple. This will adjust the subwoofer and tweeters accordingly in order to give you a good sound.

The Google Home Max is priced at $ 399 and will be available at some point in December. This makes $ 50 more expensive than the Apple HomePod, but those who buy the Max will get YouTube Red for 12 months free – worth $ 120

How they compare to the original Google Home

As mentioned above, the original Google Home is now firmly placed in the middle of the Google Home range. It may not be as cheap and compact as the Mini, and may not provide a sound as good as the Max, but it is there for users who want a decent midrange option that is still quite affordable and sounds reasonably well

Of course, the Google Home Max is especially aimed at music lovers who appreciate their maximum volume – the original Google Home tends to be a little agitated when you raise the volume to the maximum

However, it still offers a robust musical listening experience. So it 's worth buying if you use it for this, especially as the price of Max is so much higher and not worth it for most casual users

Regarding the Mini, this is not quite intended for music listeners, but rather to the assistants of Google Assistant who want a dedicated voice assistant in more rooms of their house. The low price makes the entry barrier a smaller pill to swallow, just like the Echo Dot compared to its big brother.

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