What's the Newest iPad?


Since the iPad debut in 2010, Apple has released dozens of its famous tablet, often with fancy names for different screen sizes or different processing powers. But you never really know which iPad is the latest to come out, which can make buying (or reselling) a bit tricky.

Don’t worry, you can use this guide to check out the latest iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. We’ll explain the new features of each iPad, why you should buy them, and how you can tell them apart from older models.

How to check which iPad you have

Which iPad is it?

Apple has released countless versions of the iPad lineup, and some models are almost indistinguishable. Still, it helps to know which iPad you own before you buy a case or sell it to a friend. This is why Apple has a IPad ID on its support page, but isn’t there an easier way?

the the fastest way to identify your iPad is to search for its model number on Google. To check the model number of your iPad, go to “Settings”, open the “General” tab and tap “About”. You should see your model number at the bottom of the About page. Google to see which iPad you own. If your iPad is broken or turned off, you can also find the model number on the back near the charging port.

The model number of an iPad tells you what type of iPad it is, what year it is from, and whether or not it is cell phone compatible. If you need to check your iPad’s storage capacity, go back to the “About” page and search for the word “Capacity”. You can also find your iPad storage on the back, near the printed model number.

10.2-inch iPad (8th generation, 2020)

10.2-inch iPad (8th generation, 2020)

Apples Entry-level iPad is the perfect tablet for the average person. It’s thin and light, but it has a gorgeous Retina display, a powerful A12 Bionic processor, and a fantastic 10-hour battery life. For less than $ 400, you really can’t go wrong.

Released in 2020, the 8th generation iPad runs on an A12 Bionic chip and has a comfortable 10.2-inch screen. It still uses a home button with Touch ID and charges via a Lightning cable.

The 2020 iPad is identical to its predecessor, the 2018 iPad. The only way to tell them apart is to look at the model number. Like the 2018 iPad, the 2020 iPad only works with the 1st generation Apple Pencil and does not have the necessary hardware for the 2nd generation Apple Pencil.

Here are all previous versions of the standard iPad:

iPad (2010)
iPad (2nd generation) (2011)
iPad (3rd generation) (2012)
iPad (4th generation) (2012)
iPad (5th generation) (2017)
iPad (6th generation) (2018)
iPad (7th generation) (2019)

The latest iPad

7.9-inch iPad Mini (5th generation, 2019)

7.9-inch iPad Mini (5th generation, 2019)

At just 7.9 inches, the ipad mini is the smallest tablet in the Apple repertoire and a fantastic option for people who need a smaller iPad. It’s perfect for media consumption, mobile gaming, Zoom calling, and doodling, and it’s a great travel companion.

Released in 2019, the 5th generation iPad Mini runs on the powerful A12 Bionic processor that can handle the same tasks as the base iPad. It still has a home button with Touch ID and recharges via a Lightning cable.

The iPad Mini 2019 is difficult to identify because it is identical to the iPad Mini 2015. It supports the 1st generation Apple Pencil, but does not have the necessary hardware to work with the 2nd generation pencil.

Here is a list of all the old iPad Minis:

iPad Mini (2012)
iPad Mini (2nd generation) (2013/2014)
iPad Mini (3rd generation) (2014)
iPad Mini (4th generation) 2015)

The latest iPad Mini

10.9-inch iPad Air (4th generation, 2020)

10.9-inch iPad Air (4th generation, 2020)

You can’t go wrong with a ipad air. Its 10.9-inch edge-to-edge display is perfect for media consumption or gaming, and its A14 Bionic processor is absolute power that can run any professional or creative iPadOS app. The iPad Air is the best tablet for someone who needs the power of an iPad Pro without all the expensive frills.

Released in 2020, the 4th generation iPad Air is a fantastic device that looks a lot like the iPad Pro. It has an edge-to-edge display, a powerful A14 processor and a USB-C port for faster charging and better support for USB accessories. Still, the iPad Air 2020 uses Touch ID instead of Face ID, and it has a much smaller rear camera array than the iPad Pro.

The iPad Air 2020 is relatively easy to identify. It’s the first iPad Air with an edge-to-edge display (no home button – Touch ID is in the power button), it has a USB-C port and it’s the only iPad to come up with fun colors like green and blue. It is also the first iPad Air to support Apple Pencil 2 and Magic Keyboard.

Here is a list of older iPad Airs:

iPad Air (2013)
iPad Air (2nd generation) (2014)
iPad Air (3rd generation) (2019)

11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd and 4th generation, 2020)

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is a powerhouse with all the bells and whistles imaginable. Its A12Z Bionic processor can run professional applications like a champ, its massive Liquid Retina display with 120Hz refresh rate is ideal for media consumption or creative applications, and its LiDAR sensor makes it a cutting edge system for reality. increased. It’s the Cadillac of iPads, and while most people should stick with the smaller, less expensive iPad Air, the Pro is for that person who just wants it all.

Released in 2020, 11 inch iPad Pro (2nd generation) and 12.9-inch iPad Pro (4th Generation) stand out with their cutting edge A12Z Bionic processor and large iPhone-like camera bump. The 2020 iPad Pro models are also unique for their Wi-Fi connectivity and 6GB of RAM, which translates to faster streaming or browsing speeds and better multitasking. Like the iPad Air 2020 and iPad Pro 2018, the latest iPad Pro has a USB-C port for faster charging and wider accessory support.

The iPad Pro 2020 is easy to identify because it is the only iPad with a wide range of square cameras. It supports 2nd generation Apple Pencil and has built-in magnets for Magic Keyboard support.

Here is a list of all previous versions of the iPad Pro:

12.9-inch iPad Pro (2015)
9.7-inch iPad Pro (2016)
12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation) (2017)
10.5-inch iPad Pro (2017)
12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation) (2018)
11-inch iPad Pro (2018)

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