Where to Order the New iPhone SE

The front and back of an iPhone SEApple

Apple has announced a new iPhone, and this is not about adding bold new features at a high cost. Instead, the company beefed up an iPhone 8 and offered it at an affordable price. For many people, this is what they need in an iPhone. the $ 399 iPhone SE is affordable and reliable. You can pre-order it today from Apple or your favorite carrier and get the phone on April 24.

Configure your iPhone

The iPhone SE in red, black and white.Apple

Before ordering a new iPhone SE, you need to decide exactly what you are going to order and how much you want to spend. The iPhone SE starts at $ 399, but you can spend more to get more.

First of all, you will want to choose a color and you will have many options. The iPhone SE is available in black, white and red. If you choose red, Apple will donate part of the proceeds to a COVID-19 fund.

Once you’ve chosen a color, it’s time to choose the size of your hard drive. The larger the hard drive, the more expensive it will be. You can buy the iPhone SE with a 64 GB hard drive for $ 399, 128 GB for $ 449 or 256 GB for $ 549.

If you do not wish to pay the full price in advance, you can sign up for a carrier agreement. This will spread the price over the monthly payments. And if you want to reduce the price, you can exchange your old iPhone (if it is new enough).

The easiest place to do it all is probably right on the Apple website.

Order via Apple

Apple already has a pre-order site configured for iPhone SE. Just click on the link, then you will choose to exchange a phone, what color and what storage.

Once all of this is in place, you can choose from the big four operators for a phone locked on a payment plan. If you prefer to pay in advance, you can choose your operator and then choose to pay the full amount, or you can use the unlocked phone option.

All iPhones purchased from Apple are unlocked with one exception: iPhones on an AT&T installment plan. Once you have paid for an AT&T installment plan, you can unlock the phone.

Order via your operator

If you use one of the Big Four, (soon Big Big), and you prefer to go directly to your operator, you’re in luck. You can pre-order via Verizon, AT&T, T Mobile, and Sprint now. Some carriers offer special offers if you view them for a limited time.

Verizon offers to waive activation fees, and AT&T offers visa gift cards with payment plans. If you order an iPhone from the T-Mobile installment plan and exchange your old iPhone, T-Mobile will waive your installment fees, effectively paying for your phone.

Unfortunately if you’re on an MVNO like Locust or Consumer cell phone, you will have to wait to get your iPhone SE. We looked around and found none of the prepaid operators offering pre-orders for the iPhone SE. None of the sites has confirmed when it will start transporting the iPhone, but it’s likely to be on April 24 at the earliest.

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