Windows 10 Can Now Sync Android Notifications to Your PC

Person using Android notification on a Windows 10 laptop

If you have an Android smartphone and a Windows 10 PC, you can now sync notifications from your Android phone to your PC and see them on your desktop. This feature was being tested, but is now available to everyone.

To use this feature, simply install it in The Your Phone app. The Your Phone app also allows you to sync photos on your PC and text from your PC. A future version, already in test phase, will allow you to reflect the full screen of your Android phone on your desktop and interact with it from your PC. If you use Android, we strongly recommend that you configure this application, especially now that the mirroring is finally available.

Do not worry, it's not all or nothing. You can choose exactly which application notifications you want to sync with your Windows 10 PC. Rejecting a notification on your PC will also delete it on your phone. You will not be obliged to reject the same notification twice.

The Your phone application is compatible with the April 2018 (version 1803), October 2018 (version 1809) and May 2019 (version 1903) updates of Windows 10. If you install the application without viewing the feature for the moment, wait a day or two: these things are rolled out gradually and not everyone will get the new features at the same time.

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