Windows 10 Now Lets You Reply to Your Android Notifications


Windows 10 powerful application "Your phone" Feel better. This already allows you mirror notifications from your Android phone to your PCand now, it will allow you to use online responses to respond directly to any notification.

This feature is now online for Windows Insiders. If you use Android mirrored notification on your PC, you can type an answer directly into a notification to reply to a message in any application that supports Androids online responses. This was announced by Aarthi Hatter, a senior Microsoft program manager, on Twitter.

Assuming you have already set up Android notifications mirroring, you do not need to activate anything: this feature will come to you in the next few months after Microsoft has finished testing it with Windows Insiders.

Your Windows 10 Phone app already allows you send SMS from your PC, but this new feature will allow you to engage in other conversations without taking your phone out.

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