Windows 10’s “Stable” April 2019 Update Will Cause BSODs in Some Games

Green screen of death on an Insider version of Windows 10

Updated April 2019 Windows 10 contains a modification that causes the crash of some Windows PC games with a blue screen of death. Not all games have solved the problem, but Microsoft has nonetheless confirmed its release of the update.

Let's be fair: most of the affected PC games have solved the problem and do not freeze your system. But some will do it and we do not know which one. This change is a betrayal of Microsoft's commitment to backward compatibility. This is particularly annoying because Windows 10 users have no way to opt out of these updates if they play an affected game.

Update: Microsoft has just announced that it would do it give up forced updates to Windows 10 and give more control to PC users!

Why did Fortnite (and more) start planting Windows?

In the development versions of the April 2019 update of Windows 10 – also known as 19H1 – some anti-cheat programs required by the games cause Windows to crash. green screen of death, also known as GSOD. The green screens of death are just how traditional blue screens of death (BSODs) appear on Insider versions, so you will see a blue screen if you encounter this bug once the Windows 10 update of April 2019 is stable.

The BattlEye anti-cheat software used in Fortnite is the most commonly used software. He caused the GSOD and made Fortnite unplayable in the development versions of Windows 10. The game was not just offensive. When you launch Fortnite, Windows froze.

To protect Windows Insiders from freezing the system, Microsoft has introduced an "upgrade block" that prevented Windows Insiders with games like Fortnite installed to install the latest versions of the operating system.

March 28, Microsoft wrote: "Many games that use anti-cheat software have released fixes for the problem that was causing the verification of computers (GSOD)." Microsoft also said that it was lifting the blockage of the upgrade. But wait: Microsoft does not say that all games have solved the problem.

Microsoft confirms: some games will cause BSOD

Here is the problem: a change in the operating system has resulted in the freezing of the operating system software. But Microsoft has not solved this problem at the operating system level. Instead, we simply wait for game developers to correct their anti-cheat software. This means that if you play a game that has not been fixed yet, Windows will suddenly freeze and drop your entire operating system.

It's not just our speculation. Brandon LeBlanc of Microsoft, senior Windows Insider Program Manager, has confirmed that the affected games will continue to freeze the Windows operating system on Twitter:

The block is being removed because the majority of the games impacted by the issue have released updates for their games. Thus, most players will no longer be affected.

– Brandon LeBlanc (@brandonwhite) April 3, 2019

If they have not been corrected. A large part of this case involves third parties and I can not speak on their behalf. The team on our side told me a.) That the majority of games that would touch this issue have released a fix and b.) That the block has been removed.

– Brandon LeBlanc (@brandonwhite) April 3, 2019

In other words, your Windows 10 computer will install the latest version of the software, even if you have installed an affected game, and your computer will launch blue detection when you play the game. But that's not Microsoft's fault! Microsoft says third parties are responsible and you should fix them to find a solution.

Microsoft is clearly stuck between the hammer and the anvil. Anti-cheat programs were probably fooling around with the Windows kernel, and shutting down probably makes Windows 10 better and more secure. But Microsoft knows that this change will break the existing software and that none of these problems are of concern to the player who suddenly finds a blue filtering of his operating system after Windows 10 has decided to automatically install an update.

As Rafael Rivera in the discussion on Twitter: "Users will not know that it is the fault of the game. The abandonment of the system was formerly a big no in Microsoft. "

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