Windows Updates Break Administrator Account, FLAC Audio, and Windows Sandbox

The New Year has barely begun, but other Windows 10 bugs have appeared. This time, Microsoft has disabled integrated administrator accounts, caused problems with FLAC audio, and broke the new Sandbox function in the same way Windows Defender Application Guard.

No administrator for you

Most people have not activated the built-in administrator account at all. It is disabled by default in Windows 10. So, MSPoweruser Note: This only applies to you if you have tried to activate this account.

Whoever has chosen to activate it probably expects it to be always there after the upgrade. But, as explained on Microsoft Taiwan blog, when you upgrade from the Updated April 2018 the Updated October 2018, the built-in administrator account will be silently disabled if you have enabled the built-in administrator account and another administrator account.

If you delete your local admin account, you will not be able to get administrator permissions on your PC. Microsoft says it's planning a fix for January.

Where are my FLACing metadata?

according to MSPoweruser, FLAC support was already partially interrupted in the April 2018 Update. But only the evaluation of the music and the editing of the metadata were broken You can still listen to your music.

The update in October 2018 puts an end to this. After taking the update, FLAC file metadata will be truncated or truncated. When you try to listen to a FLAC file in Groove Music or Windows Media Player, the first minute of the track is ignored.

The good news is that it seems to be settled in a Insider Construction. The bad news is that the patch was not included in the October update and does not appear as a known issue. It is therefore difficult to say when this will be corrected.

Sandbox and application breaker

Update: Microsoft has just released Windows 10 build 18309 to the quick bell that should solve the problem. They ask for more information if the problem persists. It is possible that this bug is not completely eliminated. The fast ring is always precarious, but if you are already on a version with Sandbox, the update is probably worth it.

We really like the new Sandbox feature in the latest version of insider. And Guard of application is a useful security feature if you also want a locked browser.

Unfortunately, as pointed out both MSPoweruser and Windows Central, their confidence in container technology has both put them down in the same update. Microsoft has acknowledged that the cumulative update KB4483214 completely breaks both features. He says the only solution is to uninstall the update. But you may not want to do this because KB4483214 fixes a zero-day exploit for Internet Explorer.

It seems that a lot of problems with patching Internet Explorer are fixed, especially since this update has also caused startup failures for some users. Lenovo laptops. So, if you do not use Internet Explorer – and you should not use it anyway – you can safely uninstall this update and recover these security features.

Maybe the only good news here is that there are much smaller bugs than in the past. But this shows that Microsoft needs to slow down and test more, rather than treating ordinary users like Pigs of India for update test.

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