Wyze Releases Webcam Firmware for Its Cameras, a Thermometer, and More

A white Wyze Cam on a coffee table.Wyze

Today, more people are working from home than ever. Due to the increase in the number of calls for virtual teleconferences, webcams are now a basic commodity and difficult to find in stock. Wyze wants to help, so he went out firmware to transform your Wyze Cam into a webcam for free. It also offers a free month of full motion capture. And his sale of thermometers. And more.

In one email sent to users, Wyze comes out right away and tells the basic truth, “It’s a crazy time.” Much of the world stays at home fighting COVID-19, and like many other companies, Wyze wants to help.

If you follow our advice, you are holding teleconferences via a video chat app in a certain way and not over the phone. But that means using a webcam. Most laptops have a built-in webcam, but most desktop monitors don’t. So a rush on the webcams led to shortages.

To help you, Wyze has released free firmware that can convert your Wyze Cam to a webcam. To get started, you’ll need a Wyze Cam V2 or one Wyze Cam Pan. You will also need a Micro SD card and one USB-A to USB-A cable.

To convert your camera, download firmware and load it into the root directory of the microSD card. Then unplug the Wyze Cam, insert the microSD card and press and hold the setup button while you plug in the camera. When it flashes blue and yellow, you’re ready to go.

Wyze notes that your Wyze Cam will not contact their servers with this firmware, which means that it cannot function like Wyze Cam. The firmware is also “as is”, Wyze has no plans to update or further troubleshoot it. But the webcam should work with the latest version of macOS, Windows 7 and Windows 10. And you can convert back to a regular Wyze Cam later.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s probably easier to get a USB-A to USB-A cable now than to buy a webcam. So if you already own a Wyze Cam that you don’t use, it’s worth it.

That’s not all that Wyze does to help stay home. The company realized there was a shortage of thermometers, so they partnered with a trusted manufacturer to start selling them directly on the company website. It’s a IHealth Non-Contact Digital Front Thermometer, but unfortunately, as of this moment, it is already out of stock.

Wyze also offers a full motion capture service for his cameras. This removes the 12-second recording limit that you usually encounter with cameras. Typically, the service is $ 1.50 per month per camera. But Wyze offers a free month for each user. Simply enter the RESPONSE code to redeem it.

And if you are a business owner in Washington State, Wyze has a great offer for you. Staying at home is probably scary, as you may be concerned about the security of your business property. Wyze offers a free security camera to business owners in Washington State; All you need to do is complete an application.

And in other important news, Wyze added Alexa support to their lock. We noted it as a major omission in our review, so it’s good to see the company working on improving the Wyze lock. The company promises that Google support will arrive.

Staying at home is more important than ever today. So every company that tries to help is a good thing. Whether it’s Apple and Microsoft closing retail stores and paying employees at Wyze anyway to offer free webcam firmware, it’s good to see companies ramp up.

Source: Wyze

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