You Can Get Yourself a Fancy Roll Up TV from LG for a Wallet-Friendly $87,000

Woman standing next to LG OLED R TVLG

OLED TVs are slowly but surely going down. They are nowhere near the price of LCD or QLED TVs, but the price is dropping. Unless, of course, you want a rollable TV.

Announced back during CES 2019LG’s rollable OLED R TV is finally on sale, sort of. As of today, television is made available in South Korea for 100 million won, which equates to approximately $ 87,000.

The TV is built around a flexible OLED panel that rolls up when not in use. The cool thing about the TV is that it can be rolled up around 10% to act like a smart display, showing you relevant information like weather and events on your calendar. The TV can also intelligently roll only a portion of the screen when watching TV or movies, adjusting to the aspect ratio of the video.

Customers who wish to purchase the TV will have a choice of four color options for the speaker cover and the aluminum body can be engraved if desired.

Source: LG via The edge

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