You Can Now Buy the Raspberry Pi 4 With 8 GBs of RAM

A Raspberry Pi 4 on a white background.
Raspberry Pi Foundation

The Raspberry Pi 4 is already the most powerful entry in the Raspberry Pi foundation. So how do you take a good thing and make it even better? Add more RAM, of course. You can now enter a 8 GB Raspberry Pi 4 for $ 75. However, you will want to grab the Raspbian beta 64-bit operating system to take advantage of it.

The Raspbian Foundation is positioning the Raspberry Pi 4 as its first single-card computer that could truly replace your desktop. But, as with everything that depends on a Chromium browser, the RAM was a critical point.

This applies to the Raspberry Pi more than usual, since many popular applications like Slack are not available for Raspbian 32 bits. Instead, you’ll have to rely on browser versions, which means more tabs, which require more RAM. It doesn’t take long to maximize the Pi’s capabilities.

A new model with double the RAM is a welcome upgrade, although you pay $ 75 to take advantage of the additional bandwidth. Besides the upgraded RAM, this entry is identical to other Raspberry Pi 4 models.

But for now you will have to rely on a beta operating system. So far, Raspbian has been a 32-bit business only, since the Raspberry Pi has reached a maximum of 4 GB of RAM. But to take advantage of the upgraded model’s 8 GB of RAM, you’ll need a 64-bit operating system.

With this in mind, the Raspberry Pi foundation is introducing a 64-bit version of its operating system alongside the upgraded Raspberry Pi model and renaming it (with the 32-bit version) to Raspberry Pi OS. Beta OS and Raspberry Pi 4 8 ​​GB are available today.

Hopefully the upgrade will give you enough space to open all the tabs you need.

Source: Raspberry Pi Blog

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