You Can Now Connect Your Oculus Quest to Your PC With Any Cable

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the Oculus Quest is one of the best, if not the best, standalone VR headsets you can own. But while great as a wireless VR headset, the ability to connect it to your PC to play even more games is a defining feature. But you had to buy expensive cables. That is, so far.

Oculus link allows you to connect your Oculus Quest to your PC to access other VR content like that found in the Steam Store. It effectively turns your quest into a beige Oculus Rift.

But Facebook (which owns Oculus) recommended high-speed cables to get there. And the company sells a $ 80 fiber optic cable that said offers the best experience. But even if this high price is not a problem, it is difficult at best to find it in stock.

Now, with a new update to the Oculus PC software, you don’t need to buy an expensive cable. You can use any cable, including the cable supplied with the Oculus Quest, if your PC has a USB-C connection.

The Oculus Quest charging cable is a long USB 2.0 cable with USB-C at both ends. Although you may think that USB 2.0 is too slow to be useful for VR, the folks at UploadVR have already tested it and say so works surprisingly well.

You will probably always get the best experience with a USB 3.0 cable or a fiber optic cable from Facebook. But if you don’t want or can’t spend that extra money, why not use a free cable?

Your other option is to buy Virtual office from the Oculus store, but then load it from Secondary Quest. Then you can use Steam VR wirelessly. But there is a lag and you have to jump through hoops. Using your existing cables is free and easy.

If you plug in a USB 2.0 cable, you will be warned that it may not be the best experience. But you can still go on and play. The Oculus Quest store is growing all the time. But if you have the VR headset, now is a great time to expand the games you can play with the cable you already have.

via UploadVR

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