You Can Now Use Your Canon Camera as a Mac Webcam

A photo of the Canon EOS RValentin Valkov / Shutterstock

Webcams are in high demand right now, and buying one at a reasonable price is almost impossible. So why not use a camera you already own? Cannon webcam utility software, which was once Windows exclusive, can now transform your EOS or PowerShot camera into powerful Mac webcam.

Canon’s webcam utility software is a bit buggy and it doesn’t always work well with FaceTime or desktop video chat software. But it is easy to configure and works with most browser applications, like Zoom or Skype websites.

To get started, download the Canon webcam utility software on your Mac and connect your Canon camera via a USB cable. Boom, you’re ready to start chatting in 1080p with a beautiful bokeh effect and impressive color accuracy. (These steps also work on Windows computers.)

Can’t find the button to download Canon software? Indeed, for whatever reason, Canon requires you to identify your camera before downloading the webcam utility tool. Find your camera from Canon’s list, click it to access the drivers page and download the webcam utility software for macOS.

Don’t have a Canon camera? You can use most cameras as webcams, as long as you have the right adapter and a little patience. You can also check if any cameras you have, such as Wyze cams, are compatible with all official webcam software and easy to use.

Source: Cannon via 9to5Mac

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