You Can Order Ergatta's Beautiful Gamefied Rowing Machine Today

The Ergatta rower, with a cherry wood finish.

Let’s get out of the way – most rowers are ugly. I say that as the proud owner of Concept2. They do the job, they give you a good workout, but they are not something that improves the look of your home. Ergatta rower turn that thought on his head with its beautiful cherry wood finish and attractive game-like work screen. And, you can order the rower for $ 2,000 today.

If the Ergatta was just a rower, $ 2,000 would be in high demand, even with the beautiful wood look. But, the rower comes with a 17.3 inch screen that sets it apart. The screen gives you access to Ergatta’s training plans.

It might make you think of Peloton, but the comparison is not entirely correct. You will not find trainers and exercise classes. Instead, your $ 29 monthly subscription gives you access to a game-based training program. Instead of seeing a single trainer, you will get a graph showing where you are and where the other rowers are. racing, for example. You can also row alone and unlock new “levels” (called push programs). Unlock each workout to face a “final challenge”.

Ergatta promises a smooth rowing action thanks to its use of a water tank instead of a fan, as found on the Concept2. When you’re done, it folds vertically to save space.

The Ergatta rower folds against a wall.

You order the Ergatta rower today, on the company website. The rower costs $ 2,000, which includes a delivery of white gloves and two months of subscription service. Ergatta tells us that for each rower sold, he will donate $ 100 to the COVID-19 Meals on Wheels response fund.

The company will also host a series of community races. Each race that reaches the participation thresholds will also result in a donation of $ 100 to the COVID-19 Meals on Wheels response fund.

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