You Can Read Over 120 Digital Marvel Comics Free This Month

Spider-Man comic

Marvel’s latest big budget movie, Black Widow, East postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus epidemic. It could be a long time before fans get a new twist on MCU goodness in cinemas, so what better time to get into source material? Marvel seems to agree because it has made select prints of its comics free to read digitally.

Do you remember the comic books, those things that were printed on dead trees and which now only form a sort of tiny core of litter from the shabby pearl that is American pop culture? To refresh your memory, Marvel opens its paid Marvel Unlimited service, which offers unimpeded access to the vast universe of Marvel’s order book, for free users.

Those who access it for free don’t get all of this gigantic library, but what’s free is a glimpse of some of the most popular stories from recent decades, as well as timeless classics like the original. Dark Phoenix Saga and the Kree-Skrull War. According to my calculations, more than 120 individual numbers, including many scenarios from start to finish, are available.

You don’t even need an account to read them, just hop on the site and jump. Alternatively, you can install the dedicated application on iOS and Android (they are really good, with excellent panel-by-panel formatting!) or access them via Comixology. The free collection will be available until May 4.

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