You May Be Eligible for Free or Upgraded HBO Max—Here’s How to Tell

HBO Max Interface

Millions of people will benefit from free access to HBO’s new “HBO Max” streaming service when it launches in May 2020, including about 30% of current HBO subscribers in the United States. Here’s how to know if you are one of them.

Similar to HBO, HBO Max will now allow customers to stream HBO content videos, but HBO Max will also host content from many other WarnerMedia brands such as Turner Classic Movies, TBS, TNT, CNN, CW, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim , and much more. It is said that the new platform will provide much more content than HBO Now, but will cost $ 14.99 a month when it launches next year.

In many cases, if you are already subscribed to the HBO streaming service, you may be eligible to receive HBO Max with nothing more. This is also true for many people who subscribe to AT & T services (AT & T is the parent company of WarnerMedia). Here is a list of all those who should already qualify for HBO Max:

  • People who subscribe now to HBO via and who are billed directly through the streaming service, will automatically upgrade to HBO Max for the same amount of $ 14.99 per month you pay. already.
  • HBO subscribers who subscribe via AT & T services such as AT & T TV or U-Verse TV will receive free HBO Max for one year. This includes about 10 million people.
  • AT & T customers subscribed to premium video, mobile and premium broadband services will receive offers for HBO Max plans included at no additional charge.

People who subscribe to HBO Now through services other than, such as Amazon Prime, are particularly absent from this list. You are out of luck and you will have to pay a separate subscription of $ 14.99 to access HBO Max. The same is true for anyone who subscribes to HBO through standard cable TV providers such as Comcast.

The decision to include many existing HBO and AT & T subscribers is part of a strategy that, according to companies, will bring service to 50 million HBO Max subscribers in the United States. Here 2025 (70 to 90 million worldwide), which is also the case for the service to become profitable. To attract new subscribers, the platform plans to launch dozens of new original series over the next few years.

Source: The Verge

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