You'll Soon Be Able to Get MagSafe PopSockets for Your iPhone 12

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In the wake of Apple’s latest event announcing the new iphone 12 models, phone accessories brand PopSockets promises it will create PopSockets using Apple’s MagSafe technology. The fun accessory makes it easy to pick up and use your smartphone, and adds a touch of personality.

MagSafe is Apple’s exclusive magnetic charging system and one of the newly highlighted features of the iPhone 12, because it allows wireless charging and easy-to-attach cases. As the name suggests, MagSafe accessories magnetically attach to your iPhone, ensuring exact placement and easy removal every time.

When Apple announced the new feature and its first party MagSafe options like chargers, holsters and wallet cases, he also said third-party MagSafe accessories would follow. Now, according to TechCrunch, we know that includes PopSockets. Using MagSafe, PopSockets can create versions of its various accessories, which can be attached and detached without damaging your phone or deteriorating the sticky adhesive.

Earlier this year, PopSockets introduced its first wireless chargers, designed to work when you leave your PopSocket on your phone. Since Apple’s MagSafe offerings include a wireless charger, it will be interesting to see if PopSockets offers one as well. We don’t yet know when the MagSafe compatible PopSockets will arrive or what specific accessories the company will offer, but we will keep you posted when the company announces the release information.

via TechCrunch

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