Your Pandora Music Suggestions Are About to Get a Lot Better

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In a world where Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services offer an endless array of songs, Pandora must become more than Internet radio. Today’s update brings new features for customization and content discovery.

Pandora’s mobile apps on iOS and Android are being redesigned with a new “For You” tab that provides a continuously updated content feed, including music and podcast recommendations. The items listed in this tab are customized and selected by Pandora based on your listening history, software forecasts about your mood, and factors such as time of day, day of the week, and so on.

Another feature called “Modes” allows you to customize the way a station prepares the content, giving preference to the types of music that Pandora broadcasts. For example, Pandora can focus on playing newly released music, hidden gems, or favorite songs from the crowd.

Between “For You”, “Modes” and other Pandora recommendation modules, the service is able to provide the perfect audio for any situation, whether it’s a rainy day or an hour rest. The company has announced that it will deploy more than 35 different modules in the coming months. People who listen for free Pandora and who do not have a subscription can still access the For you without paying section, but only for one session after viewing a video ad.

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“Our listeners told us that they love the value of Pandora: it’s very easy, it works, it knows me, it’s very simple,” said Chris Phillips, Pandora’s Product Manager. “But they do not understand and have easy access to all the content and programming available on Pandora: new content, new programming and unique content that you can not get anywhere else. ”

Enhanced customization options are being deployed in an update that should be available to all users in the coming weeks. In another release, Pandora announced the availability of a Dark Mode feature for owners of iPhone and iPad under iOS 13, as well as new voice commands provided by SiriKit for Audio. Apple users can simply tell Siri what they want to hear about Pandora and the app will get the most out of it.

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