YouTube is Rolling Out a Chapters Feature For Desktop and Mobile

A YouTube video with chapter markers in the timeline.
Bradley Bakes

Sometimes the YouTube videos you want to launch are extremely long. And while all of the content is good for some people, you might need a specific section, like a “How-To”. Youtube new chapters functionality can help you switch to meat if the creator still takes care of it.

On the desktop, chapters appear in the timeline when you browse a video. You will see large pauses in the bar indicating the start and a section. This will allow you to easily find specific areas of a video that you want to watch or ignore the content that you are currently watching.

The functionality is the same on tablets and phones, but in the case of smartphones, you will get haptic feedback as you move between chapters. This should help with the fact that your finger will likely cover the markers.

However, YouTube does not automatically add chapters to videos. It is up to content creators to add timestamps (preferably with a chapter title) to their video descriptions. The advantage is that many videos already have chapter markers like this for the benefit of viewers.

The feature is available to all content creators, but viewers may not see it immediately. The YouTube kitchen video above already contains chapter descriptions, so you can read it to see if the chapters work for you.

Source: Youtube via The edge

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