YouTube Kids Arrives on Fire TVs

Smart TVs are easier to use than ever, and Fire TV is no exception. But just because your young children can easily navigate your TV doesn’t mean you want them to watch anything. Fortunately, your options on Fire TV are expanding today, The YouTube Kids app has arrived on the service.

The premise behind YouTube Kids is pretty simple: in theory, your kids shouldn’t experience gore, nudity, swear words, or anything else objectionable. Content that touches YouTube Kids needs to be child-friendly, whether Minecraft playthroughs or episodes of Tayo the little bus.

Be warned that this has not always worked well. YouTube Kids is not organized by humans, an algorithm selects and chooses what appears in playlists. Unfortunately, this has led to terrible people sneaking in content. looks like Peppa the pig but not suitable for children.

However, Google has worked on the problem and the app seems safer than before and is at least more organized than the classic YouTube app. Until now, you couldn’t put YouTube Kids on your Fire TV. A dispute between Google and Amazon resulted in the absence of all YouTube products on Fire TVs.

But the two companies buried the hatchet, and we saw YouTube hit Fire TVs last year. Now YouTube Kids is following suit and not a day too soon. You can download the app from the Fire TV store today.

Source: Amazon

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