YouTube Music Comes to Android TV's YouTube App, Can't Play Music In Background

The YouTube Music logo.
Youtube music

Be careful what you wish! YouTube Music is now available on Android TV, but it doesn’t have a dedicated app and can’t play music in the background. No, if you want to listen to YouTube Music on your TV, you have to do it through a tab in the YouTube app.

As you may already know, Google is slowly dissolving Play Music and the transition of its users to YouTube Music. This is a good idea, especially for die-hard YouTube users with perfectly curated recommendations. But the transition is bumpy like all hell, and with every step forward (like Android TV support) comes a caveat.

The problem here is that YouTube Music doesn’t have a dedicated app. YouTube on Android TV doesn’t let you browse while watching videos, so you’re stuck admiring album art while listening to music. And again, you can’t play music in the background while using other apps or aimlessly looking at the Android TV home screen. (Pssstt… .you can play background sound on your Android TV from your phone).

But hey, this might be the fastest way to bring YouTube Music to Android TV. Ben Schoon at 9to5Google Note that the YouTube app on Android TV is almost identical to what you find on Roku, game consoles, and smart TVs. Google is probably working on a dedicated YouTube app for YouTube, right? We’ll have to wait and find out.

Source: Google via 9to5Google

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