YouTube Music Now Lets Artists Curate Playlists for You

Someone is looking at an Android phone with the YouTube Music app open.
dennizn /

If you’ve ever been curious about what music your favorite artist listens to or is inspired by, you can now listen for yourself on YouTube Music. The fun new feature is similar to what already exists on its competitor, Spotify, and any artist or group who wants to participate can add and update their playlist as often as they like.

To listen to an artist or group’s playlist, simply go to their profile, scroll down, find the new Playlists section. If they chose to create a playlist, it will be there. You can also find these playlists on an artist’s YouTube channel.

So far, however, the only group to take advantage of this feature is the k-pop group BTS, although hopefully more artists will be adding their playlists soon. For an idea of ​​how these playlists look and work, check out the BTS artist playlist on Youtube Music, and on their Youtube channel.

Source: BTS via Android Police

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