Zoom's End-to-End Encryption is Nearly Here, But You'll Lose Some Features


Zoom introduces a optional end-to-end encryption tool to keep prying eyes out of private meetings. The end-to-end encryption offer, which is still a technical preview, launches the week of October 20 for free and paid users. Still, Zoom says encrypted calls lack a few features, like live transcription and cloud recording.

End-to-end encryption ensures that only outside parties, including Zoom, cannot tune in to your video calls. Zoom’s servers continue to carry all of your meeting data, but the data is scrambled and cannot be decoded without a unique, host-generated encryption key.


Zoom has announced plans to offer end-to-end encryption after the acquisition of Keybase in May. And while Zoom initially planned for end-to-end encryption a paid feature, the public outcry convinced the platform to make end-to-end encryption available to all users.

Still, encryption has some drawbacks. You must manually enable end-to-end encryption before joining encrypted calls, and some features such as cloud recording, live transcription, and polling are not available until end-to-end encryption is enabled. activated.

End-to-end encryption will launch as a Tech Preview for all Zoom users the week of October 20. Zoom plans to bring features like cloud recording and encrypted meeting reactions in the future.

Source: Zoom

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