AfterShokz Aeropex Mini Promise a Smaller Set of Bone-Conducting Headphones

A set of Aeropex Bone conductive headphones.

If you’re looking for bone conduction headphones, we consider the AfterShokz Aeropex at $ 160 among the best examples available. One of the few issues with the set is size, thanks to a wide band designed to accommodate a wide variety of buds. New 160 $ ​​AfterShockz Aeropex Mini promises to offer a better fit, and you can buy them today.

We still love the original Aeropex AfterShockz, and the company isn’t taking them off the market. But for some people, the group is just a little big, and that can be a problem. The new Aeropoex Mini features a shorter 9.5mm frame for the perfect fit.

A side-by-side comparison of the AfterShokz Aeropex and the Aeropex Mini

Bone conduction headphones should make running and cycling a better experience. You can listen to music and maintain situational awareness. This is because they have an open style that lets sound in so that you can hear what is around you.

But the larger cluster featured in the original Aeropex can lead to discomfort; instead of a tight fit, you get a pair of headphones that can bounce off your neck and shoulders depending on your head size. For some, that’s okay, until you wear a shirt with a collar and the group is trapped there. The Aeropex Mini shaves the headband a bit to provide that missing snug fit.

A man wearing the AfterShokz Mini helmet and a bicycle helmet.

You can put them on and run without worrying, the Aeropex will bounce up and down along the way. The company announced them at CES 2020 and promised to release them in the second quarter of this year. That moment has come and gone, and we’ve never seen it happen. Now the new set is finally ready.

Like the original Aeropex headphones, the mini set uses Bluetooth 5.0 to connect and is rated IP67. It’s good enough for exercise, even if you wouldn’t take them swimming. And since only the group is smaller, AfterShokz promises the same eight-hour battery life.

You can buy the $ 160 Aeropex Mini from the AfterShokz site today or from Amazon, and if you’d prefer something a little larger, you can still get the original Aeropex, which is also available in more colors.

A more adjusted headset

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