All the Cloud Storage Services That Offer Free Storage

Cloud storage is the world's dream of post-PC, mobile-oriented technology … but we're not there yet. There is a limit to what you can get for free, especially if you are going with one of the main services. Here's an exhaustive list of all the cloud storage and photo services we've found on the web and that have at least a few free storage options. Use them all at the same time to record a million Steam games, or simply find the best with the largest bucket for your most important files.

The great

Let's start with the big names that offer decent spaces. You have probably heard of most of them, but it does not hurt to have a reminder.

Deposit box

Free Storage : 2 GB plus returns

Levels Paid : $ 10 / month or $ 100 / year for 1To

One of the most popular options for cloud storage, Dropbox maintains a loyal customer base with fast, ubiquitous mobile and desktop applications and efficient team tools. Its free storage level is relatively small at 2 GB, although users can earn permanent upgrades by referring friends: 500 MB at a time for up to 16 GB on a free account.

Free Storage : 10GB

Levels Paid : $ 10 / month for 100GB

Box is a popular alternative to Dropbox, offering more basic storage for free. Applications are available for all major mobile and desktop platforms, and many high-level services integrate with the Box API. Individual free accounts offer a generous 10 GB, but single file downloads are capped at 250 MB.

Google Drive

Free Storage : 15 GB shared

Levels Paid : $ 5 / month for 30 GB, $ 1 / month for unlimited (one user)

All Google users have access to Google Drive's shared space for tools such as Gmail and Google Docs for a combined total of 15GB. That sounds like a lot, but that can fill up quickly if you are an active email user. However, the storage of photos using Google Photos is unlimited, see below.


Free Storage : 50GB

Paid level : $ 5 / month for 200GB, $ 10 / month for 2TB, $ 20 / month for 4TB, $ 30 / month for 8TB

The online storage offering of MEGA is extremely generous at 50 GB, although there is a limit of download / download of 10 GB per 30 minutes. MEGA is designed to host and share, but its web interface lacks some of the most advanced tools offered by big business competitors. However, it offers a truly gigantic data storage at higher price levels.

Microsoft OneDrive

Free Storage : 5GB

Level paid : $ 2 / month for 50GB, $ 7 / month for 1To

Microsoft's integrated cloud storage solution for Windows, OneDrive offers 5 GB of free space for all users. Applications are available for other platforms in addition to a web interface, and higher purchase levels are accompanied by free subscriptions to Office 365.


Free Storage : 5GB

Level paid : $ 5 / month for 1TB, $ 8 / month for 2TB

Sync puts the emphasis on security with a backup system without knowledge, as well as easy sharing and collaboration. It offers standard mobile applications and desktop file synchronization tools, with online storage "Vault" only available for competitive up-to-date price levels.

Free photo-only storage

These services are mainly – and sometimes exclusively – for photos in various formats. Generally, a large or unlimited amount of space is available for users who download in compressed quality, with "original" files occupying an allocated or paid space.

Amazon Prime Photos : Unlimited photo storage for Premium subscribers. Plans for non-premium users start at $ 12.
Canon Irista : 15GB of free photo storage (even for owners of non-Canon cameras). Paid plans start at $ 2.25.
Cluster : For now, Cluster offers free, seemingly unlimited full-size downloads with built-in group sharing tools.
Facebook : Facebook has no limit on the number of photos posted on user accounts, but all images are compressed.
Flickr : 1 TB of photo quality storage, only available, is available for free users.
Fujifilm X World : Fuji's official storage service offers 5GB of free quality and sharing downloads.
Google Photos : Compressed photos uploaded to Google are unlimited, but "original quality" files will be counted in your Google Drive space.
Instagram : The photos uploaded to Instagram are unlimited, but not of a particularly high quality.
Ipernity : This social network based on photography offers only 200 MB for free users. "Ipernity Club" unlimited accounts and no ads start at $ 10 a month.
Nikon Image Space : Nikon offers 2GB of superior photo storage to all users, but recent Nikon camera owners are getting a 20GB upgrade.
Photobucket : Quality uploads are limited to only 2GB.
Piccam : Quality image downloads can go up to 15GB on free accounts, with unlimited storage available at $ 5 per month.
Shoebox : Unlimited compressed photos are free, with quality upgrades for $ 5 a month.
Shutterfly : Photo downloads are unlimited, with paid photo prints available through the website and apps.
Sony PlayMemories : Unlimited storage for photos automatically downloaded from Sony phones and cameras.

Photos are probably one of the most important things to back up, since you can never recreate them, so be sure to take the opportunity to store these precious family photos.

The rest

If all the above is not enough, here are all the other cloud storage services that we could find with some kind of free level (or storage included with another service).

Amazon Cloud Drive : All users get 5GB of free storage.
Apple iCloud : 5GB of free storage with any Apple device.
ASUS WebStorage : 5 GB of free storage, no ASUS device required, but there is a daily sharing limit of 500 MB.
BT Cloud : British Telecom subscribers get 5GB to 500GB of free storage based on the price of their service package.
Degoo : Encrypted backup synchronization accounts (not standard cloud access) get 100GB of free storage. Premium accounts offer 2 TB of backup for $ 10.
ElephantDrive : 2 GB of storage for free accounts.
FlipDrive : Free accounts get 10GB of storage, but individual files are limited to 25MB.
HiDrive : Free users get 5GB of storage with no file limit or traffic.
HubiC : European service with 25GB of storage for free users. Application and API support seems to be mediocre.
iDrive : 5 GB of free storage plus credits for referrals. Integrates with OneDrive and Office 365.
Jottacloud : European storage with 5 GB of free access. The unlimited upgrade is only 7.5 euros per month.
Jumpshare : Sharing service centered on the desktop. Free accounts limited to 2 GB of storage with a file limit of 250 MB.
MediaFire : Long-lasting service with 10GB of free storage, unlimited bandwidth and individual file limits of 4GB.
Memopal : Office service offers 3GB of free storage for backup and synchronization.
MiMedia : 10GB of free account storage with apps available on desktops, Android and iOS.
MozyHome : Free accounts start at 2 GB plus bonuses to reference other users.
OpenDrive : 5 GB of free storage plus an integrated sync note and a task manager. The files have a maximum size of 100 MB.
OwnDrive : Encrypted SSL / TLS storage with only 1GB on a free account, including free navigation tools, a music player, an RSS reader, and others.
pCloud : Offers up to 20GB of storage for free accounts, 10GB by default with an additional 10GB available from references. Facebook and Instagram accounts can be saved automatically.
SafeCopy : 3 GB of free storage with no individual file limit and incentive sales to competitive annual plans.
Strato HiDrive : Europe-based service with free accounts at 5GB storage with backup attachments.
Syncplicity : Business-oriented service with 10GB of free storage for individual personal accounts. The file size is unlimited, but the more advanced features require a paid plan.
Verizon Cloud : Wireless customers get free backups of 2GB smartphones. The more expensive plans are competitive, but only available to Verizon customers.
Weiyun : China based service with 10GB of free storage. Previously offered "10 TB of storage", but this does not seem to be valid anymore.
Yandex.Disk : Russian-based service with 10GB of free storage space and up to 10GB of available bonus storage by participating in "special offers". Includes tools for viewing and sharing photos.
Zoolz Cloud Archive : Free 7GB-centric backup service, shareable with two PCs and on mobile apps.

Cloud storage seems to be a particularly volatile market; When searching for this list, I found a number of services that had started and closed in just a few years. In this case, it is best not to trust important files or photos to a single service or place. If you have found other cloud or photo storage services offering free storage (and not free trials or offers) or if any of the above services has stopped, leave a comment below and we will update the article.

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