Amazon Overhauls the Echo Family With a Ballsy New Design

A 4th Generation Amazon Echo Dot on a shelf

It’s been a while since Amazon’s Echo speakers and displays got a makeover, and even the latest iteration was just that – hardly a change. Well, that’s no longer the case. Amazon has completely revamped the Echo family, with a new spherical design for the speakers and a screen that can move. And to help support your connected home, Amazon is also offering two new Wi-Fi 6 powered Eero systems.
Starting with the Echo devices, Amazon revamped the entire line from Dot to Plus (the latter is gone, but more on that in a moment).

All new echo design

An echo in the shape of a sphere.

Beyond the new sphere shape, the biggest change could be in Echo and Echo Plus. Namely, you don’t have to choose anymore. The standard $ 99 Echo now includes a ZigBee radio. Bluetooth LE and Amazon Sidewalk. And for bonus points, you still pay the same price as the old standard Echo.

You get better sound from a 3-inch woofer, dual-trigger tweeters, and Dolby processing. And like the Echo Studio, the Echo will adjust its sound according to the acoustics of the room. If its speakers aren’t good enough, Amazon has included a headphone jack that you can use to boost the sound. You can preorder the new Echo now, and it will ship on October 22.

The 4th generation Echo

An echo point in the form of a sphere.

The Echo Dot is also spherical and comes in two editions: $ 50 standard and $ 60 clock. Like the previous Echo Dot, spending an additional $ 10 adds a set of LEDs that can display the time.

The Echo dot looks a bit larger than the previous dot, but you get a 1.6-inch front speaker which should be good enough for voice and music commands. If you need better sound, you can use the headphone jack on the device to plug in your speakers.

You can order the Echo Dot today and it will ship on October 22.

The 4th Generation Echo Point

Two echo dots with tiger and panda blanket.

And Amazon hasn’t forgotten about kids, either. Like the previous Echo Kids, the new material is an Echo Dot with a stylish case. But this time it’s a cute tiger or panda. You still get one year of unlimited FreeTime included with your purchase. The Echo Kids Edition costs $ 60, you can preorder today and it ships October 22.

An echo for children

An Echo Show 10 on a kitchen table

If you prefer something with a screen, the new Echo Show 10 for $ 250 should grab your attention. While it doesn’t adopt a sphere design like the Echo speakers, it does have a trick or two up its sleeve.
Namely, it rotates its screen to follow you around the room so you can always see it clearly. Like the new Echo, the Echo Show 10 has ZigBee, Bluetooth LE and Amazon sidewalk, so it can almost act as a smart home hub.

You can’t pre-order the Echo Show 10 yet, but you can subscription to notifications when he releases.

Alexa Improvements

To boost Alexa’s capabilities, Amazon showcased new work with the digital assistant. Soon you will be able to create new commands with your voice. You say the command you have in mind, and when he doesn’t understand, you use a different command that he knows. This will teach him what you mean.

Amazon is also working to improve Alexa during conversation, which will require less wake-up work and allow more than one person to speak to the digital assistant at a time.

Amazon also launched two new subscriptions, Guard Plus and Care Plus, each for $ 5 per month. Guard Plus expands on the existing Alexa Guard and listens for additional sounds, push alerts and sirens. Care Plus helps you watch over the home of another family member, such as an aging parent.

New Eero with Wi-Fi 6

Two Eero 6 routers

Along with the new Echo offerings, Amazon announced two new Eero mesh kits. The new mesh kits integrate Wi-Fi 6, for a technology of the future, and the ZigBee radios act as smart hubs. You can get a single router for $ 129, or a router and repeater for $ 199. You can pre-order the Eero 6 today, and it will arrive on November 2.

A mesh kit with Wi-Fi 6

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