Amazon's First Fitness Tracker Is Out Now for You to Buy

A Halo fitness tracker next to an iPhone with onscreen health stats.Amazon

Last August, Amazon announced his first fitness tracker, the Halo. It looks like a bracelet and promises to track everything from body fat to your emotional state. If you are comfortable trusting the giant company with even more personal data, you can buy the Halo now for $ 100 with six months of service.

The Halo differs from many fitness trackers; on the one hand, although it is a device worn on the wrist, it does not have a screen. It also packs more sensors than the average fitness tracker. Amazon promises that Halo can track activity, heart rate and movement, continuous sleep, body fat percentage, and even your current emotional state by measuring tone of voice.

That’s a lot of data, and some early reviewers even called it incredibly invasive. But all fitness trackers require sharing data about your personal life with one big business or another, be it Apple, Google, or Fitbit (which can soon be part of google). As always, you should investigate the privacy policies with any tracking device.

For his part, an Amazon spokesperson told the Washington Post, “Privacy is fundamental to the way we designed and built Amazon Halo. Body and tone are both optional features that are not required to use the product. Of course, the Hao does require a subscription, but it is affordable compared to competing services.

When you buy the Halo, it comes with six months of service. After that, it will cost you $ 4 per month to continue using the service. You can buy the Halo now directly from Amazon.

A fitness bracelet without a screen

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