Buy the LEGO Road Pieces You Need For Your Custom Sets Now, While You Still Can

A new LEGO modular roadplate system.

In 2021, LEGO will launch a brand new road plate system. It’s modular, customizable, and should work with most new City sets. But it is also incompatible with conventional road plates made from base plates, and those are cheaper. So if you don’t want to spend megabucks on adopting the new system, you’d better buy the classic road signs while you still can.

To be fair, the new LEGO road plates are amazing. They have a modular system that allows you to build crosswalks, speed bumps, glow-in-the-dark street lights, traffic lights, and more. They are a considerable improvement over the current system.

This is because the current system is a simple base plate with a stuck road. Grassy areas have stakes for your LEGO minifigures to stand on; road surfaces are flat. Do you need a curvy section? Buy another road plate. A four-way cross? But another base plate. A straight path? You guessed it, buy another baseplate.

A close up of a LEGO modular road system

They are bulky and take up a lot of space. But do you know what else they are? Cheap. At least compared to the road signs to come. A classic two-piece road plate will make you roll back less than $ 15 and cover a lot of space.

According to the LEGO website, the new The Basic Road System Pack starts at $ 20. And the system has no way of bending your course left or right. It’s only right. For the extra money you get extra LEGO parts like traffic lights, speed limit signs, etc. The cost is therefore justified.

But you will have to choose the system you want to use. And at $ 20 for each set of routes, the price for changing is steep. So if you’d rather stick with what you’ve got, you should buy road signs right now. The LEGO site is already out of stock, but Amazon still has them.

LEGO hasn’t officially announced that it will stop transporting LEGO parts the old-fashioned way, but its upcoming CITY sets have already changed to work with the new style. It’s just a matter of time.

A classic two-piece road plate

A winding road

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