Check Out This Raspberry Pi-Powered Stargate with Working Lights and Sounds

A Stargate replica with an open fake wormhole.Kristian tysse

Stargate SG-1 is one of the finest science fiction series of our time, thanks to clever writing, excellent acting and a sense of not taking yourself too seriously. If you’re a fan, you’ve probably dreamed of stepping through the Stargate and visiting another world. Well, it’s still not possible, but this Raspberry Pi powered replica might be the next closest thing.

Stargate Fan Kristian Tysse put it all together and wrote down painstakingly about the process on his website. He started by 3D printing the parts he needed to build a stargate, base, DHD (i.e. a dial device), and stargate address map.

The goal was to create a Stargate with a real rotating part, interlocking rafters and a wormhole effect. To achieve this last part, Tysse used an infinite mirror effect. The DHD features illuminated buttons, including the large red button in the center. DHD is basically a USB keyword, and Kristian created a custom PCB to connect all the buttons and lights.

When you tap on the address symbols, the DHD connects to a Raspberry Pi hidden in the base and checks against a list of valid addresses. Tysse pulled it from a list of addresses used in the show. If your sequence matches, the Stargate “opens a wormhole”.

When you dial, the stargates rotate their coordinate symbols and the pieces lock together just like in the show. And you only get a wormhole if you dial the right address. To help you, Tysse 3D printed a list of them on a replica of a goa’uld tablet.

Speaking of show precision, the wormhole will only stay open for 30 minutes. Once this time limit is reached, the entire installation reads a quote from the show and closes the wormhole.

You can see the entire drafting of the project on Tysee website. Better yet, it offers a blueprint for you to print, wire, and create your own in 3D. And if that sounds like something your skill set, he plans to craft one more at auction.

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