Chuck E. Cheese, Down on His Luck, Now Wants to Shred 7 Billion Arcade Tickets

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Chuck E. Cheese, America’s sixth best arcade and 60,000th best pizza place, isn’t doing very well. Between declining cultural relevance and the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise that the company declared bankruptcy in June. But what to do with billions of unused prize tickets, never to be spat out by a Skee-Ball machine? The answer is, apparently, “shred them all.”

Representatives for Chuck E. Cheese have asked a bankruptcy court judge for permission to destroy as many as seven billion prize tickets, the type that can be traded for anything from a fake mustache to a PlayStation at the counters of the restaurant. According to CNN Business, the sheer volume of unused tickets could fill 65 shipping containers.

The company wants to buy the printed tickets and destroy them, at a cost of $ 2.3 million. The idea is that this would save them from having to swap the tickets for prizes, which would represent a potential of $ 9 million. Chuck E. Cheese was trying to digitize his token and prize system before the pandemic struck.

It’s a tantalizing thought for the 10-year-old that lies dormant in him. Somewhere, presumably locked behind secure steel doors and laser trigger wires, is a dragon’s treasure trove of billions and billions of paper tickets, enough to buy a mansion made out of plush baseballs and frisbees without Mark. If you could muster a crew, plan a heist, and find enough kid-sized booster harnesses, you could make the score of a lifetime.

Source: CNN Company

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