How to Quickly Scroll Through Home Screen Pages on iPhone and iPad

IOS and iPadOS docking screen and Icon Hero dock settings

There’s a new way to quickly navigate the different pages on your iPhone or iPad Home screen in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14– almost as if you were browsing a video. Here’s how to do it.

On your Home screen, pay attention to the dots at the bottom, just above the Dock. (The number of these dots corresponds to the number of Home screen pages you have.)

The Home screen page is pointed above the Dock on an iPhone.

With one finger, press and hold the dots, and an outline will appear around them.

An outline will appear around the dots on the iPhone.

Without lifting your finger, slide your finger left or right. The home screen page will change. The faster you move your finger, the faster you flip through the pages.

Using your finger, slide your finger left and right on your iPhone to quickly scroll through the home screen pages.

This technique can be very useful if you have many application pages. If so, it may be helpful to consider new application library. The app library and new home screen widgets can make you rethink the way you organize your apps. Have fun sliding!

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