How to Wipe Your Browsing History Automatically in Safari on Mac

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Your browser records all of your web activity. Therefore, for more privacy, it is better to regularly clear your browsing history. Safari on your Mac can take care of this for you and automatically clear your history from time to time. Here’s how to set it up.

Launch Safari on your Mac from the Launchpad or by spotlight search.

Then click on “Safari” in the left corner of the menu bar and select “Preferences”. You can also press Cmd + comma on your keyboard to directly access this menu.

Visit Safari preferences on macOS

Under the “General” tab, locate the “Delete items from history” option.

General settings of MacOS Safari

From the drop-down list next to it, you can select how often Safari should delete your browsing history. You can have it erased as often as every day or every year.

Automatically delete browsing history on Safari macOS

When you enable this setting, Safari automatically clears logs of the websites you visit, your web searches, etc.

If you prefer to review your browsing history before clearing it, you can choose “Manually” from the drop-down list and periodically clear your web activity from Safari yourself.

At the bottom of the “General” section, you will also find a separate setting called “Remove Items from Download List”. With this option, you can configure Safari to automatically delete the list of files that you have downloaded (but not the files themselves).

Remove items from the download list in Safari settings

You can have them erased after a day, as soon as you exit Safari, or when the download fails.

Automatically remove items from the download list on Safari macOS

Activating them will not affect Safari browsing data on other Apple devices such as an iPhone or iPad. At this time, the options to automatically clear your browsing history and download list are not available on Safari’s iOS and iPadOS apps.

There is much more you can do for a more secure Safari experience, including browsing in incognito mode by default and optimize it for maximum privacy.

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